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Healthcare Information Division - Annual Financial Data

Subsets – Selected Data

Due to the large size of the complete dataset and its unavailability for downloading, a selected set of data representing a wide range of commonly used data items, has been created that can be easily managed and downloaded. The selected data file includes general hospital information, utilization data by payer, revenue data by payer, expense data by natural expense category, financial ratios, and labor information.

Selected Data – Calendar Year

To make it easier to compare hospitals by year, hospital reports with report periods ending within a given calendar year are grouped together.

Selected Data Fiscal Year

Beginning in 2000, hospital reports with report periods ending within a given fiscal year (July-June) are grouped together. The hospital reporting form was changed for report periods ended June 30, 2004. As a result, a 2003/04 fiscal year data file and a June 30, 2004 partial year data file that includes this report period was not produced.

Selected Data - Partial Year

Effective with report periods ended on and after June 30, 2000, the Office's Hospital Annual Financial Disclosure Report was amended to include financial and utilization data associated with patients enrolled in managed care health plans. Specifically, we added Medicare - Managed Care, Medi-Cal - Managed Care, County Indigent Programs - Managed Care, and Other Third Parties - Managed Care. For report periods ended before June 30, 2000, these payer categories were reported under the Other Third Parties payer category. Additionally, we established an Other Indigent payer category that formerly was part of Other Payers. To accommodate the new payer categories, the Office revised its Selected Hospital Annual Financial Data File by adding new fields and deleting others. This means that certain data elements in the revised selected data file are not comparable with the pre-June 30, 2000 data files.

Attention Data Users: Please exercise caution when interpreting OSHPD data. The use of improper assumptions and analytical methods may result in erroneous or misleading conclusions. Conclusions drawn from OSHPD data are the sole responsibility of the user. Users should be aware that financial and utilization data products are based on a dynamic database that is constantly being updated. As a result, the same data item for a facility may change over time or be different between products.

If you are unable to download ZIP or EXE files, please e-mail the OSHPDWebmaster.
Extracted files can be e-mailed to users at no charge.

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