Various Army and Militia Muster Rolls

The army recruits data below were used in Dora L. Costa and Richard H. Steckel, "Long-Term trends in Health, Welfare, and Economics Growth in the United States."   In R. Floud and R.H. Steckel (Eds), Health and Welfare During Industrialization. University of Chicago Press for NBER, 1997.

As descibed in the data description, no documentation was ever found. All the datasets include the variables age, height, place of birth, and place and date of enlistment. The American Revolution and French and Indian War datasets include occupation as well.


Army Recruits Cases Data Stata .do Stata .dct
American Revolution 5,609 amrev.dat amrev.dct
French and Indian War 9,016 frind.dat frind.dct
United States Army, 1815-1820 15,169 army20.dat army20.dct
United States Army, 1850-1855 2,497 army50.dat army50.dct

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