Citing NCHS Data

Works referring to the datasets or codebooks should contain a citation in the following style:

National Center for Health Statistics (Issue Year). Data File Documentations, Birth Cohort Linked Birth/Infant Death, Data Year (machine readable data file and documentation, CD-ROM Series Series Number, No. No.), National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, Maryland.

where the italicized fields are filled in with the appropriate information below:

Data Year Issue Year Series Number No.
1985 1995 20 4
1986 1995 20 3
1987 1994 20 1
1988 1995 20 2
1989 1996 20 8
1990 1996 20 6
1991 1996 20 7

A published table derived from this data should have a cite like this:

Source: National Center for Health Statistics (span of years used)

The published material should also include a disclaimer that credits any analyses, interpretations, or conclusions reached to the author (recipient of the data file) and not to NCHS, which is responsible only for the initial data.