CPS Supplements in Package Formats

Here we offer a collection of Current Population Survey Supplements for 1994+ in .dta, .csv and .sas7bdat formats. Not every supplement was produced every year, and some supplements were never released as public use files. However, we have tried to include every available PUF here. Please write if you know of a source for a missing file.

The March ASEC file is available on another page.

Download Directories

  1. January - Displaced Worker, Tobacco Use
  2. February - Arts Benchmarking
  3. March (not available on this page)
  4. April - Child Support
  5. May - Contingent Worker
  6. June - Fertility, Ubanked/Underbanked
  7. July - Disability, Public Pariticipation in the Arts
  8. August - Immigration/Emmigration, Veterans
  9. September - Civic Engagement, Volunteering and Civic Life
  10. October - School Enrollment
  11. November - Computer and Internet Use, Unemployment Insurance Nonfilers, Voting and Registration
  12. December - Food Security

Princeton University has posted nice guide to which supplements are in which months

Census has an introductory guide to the public use files. All these files are created by a mechanical translation of files downloaded from the Census website. The .pdf of documentation is converted to ASCII text by the command "pdftotext -layout" and a locally written SAS program converts that to a Stata .dct file. Stat/Transfer creates the other formats. Not all of the text is parsable, there are a few untranslatable characters that are either deleted or treated as exeptions. That code is here.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

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