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** by Jean Roth , , 2014-03-05 ;
** Purpose:  Calculate U.S. Population for a Single Year ;

libname _1990 "/homes/web/html/data/census-intercensal-population/";  ** has  pop90s.sas7bdat ;
libname _2000 "/homes/web/html/data/census-intercensal-population/2000s/";  ** has st_est00int_agesex.sas7bdat ;

proc means data=_1990.pop90s sum ;
var pop;
where year = 1999;

proc means data=_2000.st_est00int_agesex sum ;
var popestimate2009;
where state = 0 and sex = 0 and age = 999 ;


This directory contains US Census intercensal population estimates by 
state, age and sex for 1970 to 1999. 


year   all years  
fips   all years  state fips code (1-56)
state  all years  state name (1990+) or 2-letter abbreviation (1970-1989) 
state2 all years  2-letter state abbreviation
age    1980+      age 
agegr  1970-1979  age category
pop    1970-1979  population
popm   1980+      male population
popf   1980+      female population

Interestingly the agegr variable has two values for 62-64 years of
age, "62-64M" and "62-64F", presumably showing the distribution
by sex for those ages only.

In the original tables the state is given both as a fips code and a 
character variable which is sometimes a 2-letter abbreviation and 
sometimes the full name spelled out. I have created a new variable
state2 which is always a 2 letter abbreviation. If someone wants to send 
me code to interpolate the age variable from agegr, I'd be glad to run 

In addition to the three .dta (stata) files forwarded by Steve Pischke, 
there are .dta and .csv files combining all 30 years into one. Only these 
combined files have the state2 variable. Translation was done by 

Daniel Feenberg
28 April 2006


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:28:40 +0100
From: Steve Pischke <s.pischke at lse dot ac dot uk>
To: norberg at nber dot org
Subject: original population files

Here are the original files with the population data, basically just 
reading the Census Bureau information into Stata Since these were 
typically single year files, it is probably quite useful to have this put 
together.  You can give it to Dan if he wants to put it on the NBER data 



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