Figure 2 R&D to GDP

Science of Science Funding is an NBER initiative, supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which seeks to improve understanding of effective methods of supporting scientific research. Its goal is to promote analysis of the links between research funding models, management strategies, and scientific outcomes that can inform decision-making by both private and public funders.  The initiative strives to nurture a community of researchers, funders, and research administrators who can interact with and learn from each other, and who can develop a research agenda in this area.  The initiative convenes research meetings, disseminates research, and supports small-scale projects which further community building.

This website provides information on the meetings of the Science of Science Funding initiative, along with links to presentations, associated, research papers, and short summaries of a selection of influential prior research studies.  It also describes small-scale infrastructure projects and provides links to tools, methods, databases, and other research that may be of interest to those working in this field.  







Initiative Leaders

paula stefan

Paula Stephan is a Professor of Economics at Georgia State University and a Research Associate at the NBER.