NBER in the News - 2020

Date Source Headline Working Paper
3/23/2020 War on the Rocks Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is: Using Machine Learning to Analyze the Pentagon Budget w26483
3/23/2020 The Sacramento Bee More money. Sen. Kamala Harris backs new plan for financial help in coronavirus pandemic w14753 or summary
3/23/2020 Bloomberg Economic Shutdown Is Estimated to Save 600000 American Lives w26882
3/22/2020 USA Today Plan to save that upcoming stimulus check? You might want to invest w14753 or summary
3/21/2020 International Business Times Germany Prepares To Phase Out Nuclear Power, But What Will It Cost? w26598
3/21/2020 Financial Express The coronavirus recession: Living through an apprehensive time
3/20/2020 ValueWalk Activists praise Democrats' student debt cancellation proposal w25810 or summary
3/20/2020 Financial Express Gender equality at workplace: Promoting Self-Promotion in Women w26345 or summary
3/20/2020 The Wall Street Journal Lessons for the Coronavirus Crisis From Six Other Disasters w22137
3/20/2020 Eurasia Review A Realist's Guide To Happiness w26641
3/19/2020 Market Watch Opinion: As gold tumbles amid the coronavirus crisis, contrarians start to smell opportunity w18706
3/18/2020 MultiBriefs The coronavirus threat to US education: Part 2 w21393
3/18/2020 Miami Herald US may give out $1000 checks to combat coronavirus recession. Has it worked before? w14753 or summary
3/18/2020 The Washington Post We can't escape another recession. Keep these three questions in mind. Browse NBER Business Cycle Dating Records
3/17/2020 Daily Commercial School choice is a plus for Florida's education system w26758
3/17/2020 The Sacramento Bee Trump wants to cut payroll taxes to cope with coronavirus fallout. Would that help the economy? w21220
3/17/2020 The Press-Enterprise Coronavirus exposes sick leave gap for retail, restaurant workers w26832
3/17/2020 Fox Business Trump may send Americans cash relief: How big could checks be? w14753 or summary
3/16/2020 The Washington Post What to Know About Recessions, as Virus Threatens One Read about NBER Business Cycle Dating
3/16/2020 Inside Higher Ed Study tracks impact of Texas "10 percent" plan. w26821
3/16/2020 Mortgage Professional America Buy a home on an American floodplain and you'll overpay w26807
3/16/2020 Daily Mail NFL and players' union are SLAMMED for new collective bargaining deal that cuts retirees ... w21085
3/16/2020 Forbes Here's What Happens When An Infected Market Meets A Pandemic Virus w22137
3/16/2020 MarketWatch A recession is likely, say economists and even President Trump. What does it mean? Read about NBER Business Cycle Dating
3/15/2020 Morganton News Herald Raising the minimum wage w25787
3/14/2020 Buenos Aires Times An infected market meets a pandemic flu w22137
3/13/2020 Yale Climate Connections Burning fossil fuels heats the climate. It also harms public health. w26381
3/13/2020 Providence Journal Require paid sick days for all w22530
3/12/2020 Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY Coronavirus and paid leave: What are my rights as an employee in New York? w26832
3/12/2020 International Banker Accounting for the Influence of Politics in Investing w25108
3/12/2020 The New York Observer Will Coronavirus Lead to a Recession? What We Can Learn From Pandemics in History Read the Research
3/12/2020 The Coast News Group Oceanside city leaders respond to Measure K results w15643 or summary
3/12/2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer 'Disaster socialism': Will coronavirus crisis finally change how Americans see the safety net? | Will ... w22530
3/12/2020 Yahoo! Finance New Analysis Identifies Hidden Talent Pool of 71 Million Skilled Workers in US Without College ... w26844
3/11/2020 Bangor Daily News Paid sick time makes sense, even without the coronavirus outbreak w26832
3/10/2020 The New York Times Coronavirus Brings a New Legislative Push for Paid Sick Leave w26832
3/10/2020 Roll Call He struggled after the NFL. Now he's in Congress, and paying it forward w21085
3/10/2020 Inside Higher Ed Workers With Skills But No Degree w26844
3/10/2020 American Council on Science and Health Nuclear Power - Cost, Benefits and Black Swans w26598
3/10/2020 Forbes Why The US Urgently Needs Paid Sick Leave w26832
3/10/2020 Florida Politics Burying good news about Florida public schools w26758
3/10/2020 Forbes Every Day 10000 People Die Due To Air Pollution From Fossil Fuels w26598
3/10/2020 Education Dive: Latest Education News How workers without 4-year degrees can translate their skills to higher-paying jobs w26844
3/10/2020 Long Island Herald Vote yes on the Innovation 2020 referendum w21515
3/9/2020 Vox Could the coronavirus spark drug shortages in the US? w26524
3/9/2020 International Business Times Is Paid Sick Leave Too Expensive? Issue Examined In Light Of Coronavirus Outbreak w26832
3/9/2020 Education Dive: Latest Education News Who wins when a state guarantees college admission to its top high school students? w26821
3/8/2020 The London Free Press Why do women still have to try so hard? w14969
3/6/2020 School News Network Voters to decide May 5 on $67 million bond proposal w9054 or summary
3/5/2020 The Washington Post After there is a female president, we'll vote for one. You see the problem there? w14198
3/5/2020 US News & World Report More States Want to Skip Daylight Saving Time w14429
3/5/2020 New York Magazine Coronavirus Exposes the Sickness of America's Shoddy Welfare State w18535
3/5/2020 Indianapolis Recorder Voter suppression is real, y'all w26487 or summary
3/4/2020 Physical Science Articles Study: Temporary work visas could deter illegal immigration of Mexican migrants w26790
3/4/2020 American Banker Don't ditch disparate impact w25943 or summary
3/4/2020 Connecticut Post 4 Signs Your Workplace Environment is Toxic w11343 & w9873 or summary
3/4/2020 Grist Insurance companies and lenders are responding to climate change - by shifting risk to taxpayers. w26807
3/3/2020 Scientific American Homes in US Flood Zones Are Vastly Overvalued w26807
3/3/2020 The Outline How much would you spend to save your pet's life? w22669
3/3/2020 KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio Are Immigrants To The US Assimilating As Fast As They Once Did? w26408 or summary
3/2/2020 Vaping Post Kentucky Panel Approves $50 Million Tax on Vaping Products w26589
3/2/2020 The Hechinger Report Study: Boosting soft skills is better than raising test scores w26759
3/2/2020 Bloomberg Americans Are Paying $34 Billion Too Much for Houses in Floodplains w26807
3/2/2020 The Progressive Iraqis Rise Above the Blame Game to Build New Lives in Texas w23498 or summary
3/2/2020 Financial Advisor Magazine Americans Are Paying $34 Billion Too Much For Houses In Flood Plains w26807
3/2/2020 Claims Journal Americans Are Paying $34 Billion Too Much for Houses in Flood Plains w26807
3/2/2020 Insurance Journal Homes in Flood Plains May Be Overvalued by $34 Billion w26807
3/1/2020 Digital Journal Is the answer to workplace innovation competitive pay? w26737 or summary
3/1/2020 Trinidad Express Newspapers Stranded ahead w26497 or summary
2/29/2020 Duluth News Tribune Reader's View: Cut estate tax to increase state revenue w26387 or summary
2/28/2020 Providence Journal Editorial: US cuts its emissions w21115 or summary
2/28/2020 Environment Journal Businesses urged to increase their resiliance to climate change w26167
2/28/2020 InsideSources Dark Star: A Hedge Fund Transitions From Subprime Villain to Patent Troll w20322
2/28/2020 KTOE, Minnesota Voter ID bill clears Senate committee w26206
2/27/2020 Becker's Hospital Review Gender pay differences may shrink under transparency laws, study finds w25834
2/27/2020 Forbes The Great Voucher Research Conundrum w26758
2/27/2020 The Hindu Aadhaar, no standout performer in welfare delivery w26167
2/27/2020 Media Matters for America How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2019 w26167
2/26/2020 Atlanta News Now White police officers use force more than black cops, study says w26774
2/26/2020 Nigeria News Today White Police Use Gun More Than Blacks In The United States w26774
2/26/2020 TylerPaper Paid leave could unwittingly hurt those whom program tries to help w18702 or summary
2/25/2020 Herald-Mail Media White police officers use force more than black cops, study says w26774
2/25/2020 Bloomberg White Police Officers Use Force More Than Black Cops, Study Says w26774
2/25/2020 Yahoo! News White US police officers use guns more often than black officers: study w26774
2/25/2020 Nehanda Radio White US police officers use guns more often than black officers: study w26774
2/25/2020 The News International White US police officers use guns more often than black officers w26774
2/24/2020 Austin American-Statesman Opinion: We all lose when Texas rejects refugees w23498 or summary
2/24/2020 HR News & Analysis, Human Resource Management Is the old boys club still alive in the #MeToo era? w26530
2/24/2020 The Wall Street Journal Investors Retreat From Oil Firms in Sign of Rising Skepticism w26497 or summary
2/24/2020 Center for American Progress On the Persistence of the Black-White Unemployment Gap w23552 or summary
2/24/2020 Motley Fool Stock Advisor Fewer Than 4 in 10 Retirees Followed the Standard Path to Retirement w26332
2/23/2020 Los Angeles Times Customer surveys have taken over the world. Not everyone rates them a 10 w25857
2/21/2020 WSAW-TV Taxes on e-cigarettes lead to more traditional cigarettes being purchased, study shows w26724
2/21/2020 US News & World Report Brand-Name Rx Rise After Docs Get Drug Company Perks: Study w26751
2/21/2020 The Ladders Here is everything to know about your paycheck and what it says about your lifestyle w26719
2/21/2020 Institutional Investor Is It Worth Timing Commitments to Private Equity? w26755
2/21/2020 Newsmax Doctors Prescribe More Brand Name Drugs After Freebies From Drug Makers w26751
2/20/2020 Mining Review Africa Gold price drivers - all roads lead to West Africa w18706
2/20/2020 The Health Care - Health Industry News‎ Study: Pharma payments to docs led to nearly 4% boost in prescription spending w26751
2/20/2020 The Hindu Bulk of Jharkhand's deleted ration cards weren't fake, study shows w26744
2/19/2020 GazetteXtra Pros and cons to early retirement w12123
2/19/2020 The Week The stubborn myths of rent and gentrification w25809
2/19/2020 Money Why Workplace Shmoozing is Bad For Women w26530
2/19/2020 Breitbart News Network Study: Vouchers Improve Public School Performance w26758
2/18/2020 The Telegraph (London) Friends with bonuses: men get ahead by befriending the boss w26530
2/18/2020 Quartz Have a strong accent? Here's how that hurts your paycheck w26719
2/17/2020 Vice Media This Woman Says Debt Saved Her From Being Homeless w24935
2/17/2020 Fox News Extreme weather could cause a massive economic recession 'like we've never seen before' w26167
2/17/2020 Fox News Jeff Bezos donates $10B to fight climate change w26167
2/17/2020 The Center Square Bill package seeks to tax vaping at 24 percent, clarify rules w26589
2/17/2020 Psych Central "Winner-Takes-All" Pay Structure May Be Biggest Driver of Innovation w26737 or summary
2/17/2020 Fox Business 5 products to always buy generic w20295 or summary
2/16/2020 The Trentonian The midlife crisis is real and it's not spectacular (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN) w26642
2/15/2020 The Hindu With heads held high w26345 or summary
2/15/2020 The Daily Star (Bangladesh) How digitisation is changing the global economic landscape w24254
2/15/2020 Star of Mysore (India) Post-prandial nap at workplace w26746 or summary
2/14/2020 The Telegraph (India) At leisure: sleep sliding away w26746 or summary
2/14/2020 Mic Cory Booker teams up with John Cornyn to introduce school nutrition legislation w24094 or summary
2/14/2020 Education Dive FRAC report finds 12.4M students received free and reduced-price breakfasts last year w24986
2/14/2020 Lab Manager Competitive Pay May Be Best Way to Encourage Innovation w26737 or summary
2/14/2020 Business Journals Medical marijuana linked to small decline in workers' comp claims w23862
2/14/2020 The Center Square US Court of Appeals panel strikes down Medicaid work requirement w26145
2/13/2020 Inside Higher Ed Fighting Income Segregation in Higher Education w26748
2/13/2020 Forbes Why Credit Card Debt Is At An All-Time High, While Unemployment Is At A 50-Year Low w24549
2/13/2020 The Center Square North Carolina workers to rally for higher minimum wage w22373 & w26691
2/13/2020 Government Executive The Gig Economy and BLS Surveys w24950
2/12/2020 The Telegraph Want to earn more money? Polish your accent w26719
2/12/2020 The New York Times A Simple Way to Equalize the Ivies? Give Others the Legacy SAT Bonus w26748
2/12/2020 Market Watch Opinion: This one change can improve your retirement wealth by 50% w26684
2/11/2020 Forbes New Study Suggests Raising Taxes On E-Cigarettes Could Encourage Traditional Smoking w26724
2/11/2020 The Register With robots taking people's jobs, can we rethink this whole working to ... w26738
2/11/2020 Forbes The Skinny On The Ongoing Morningstar Ratings Squabble w26423
2/11/2020 Lexington Herald-Leader KY House panel approves $50 million tax increase on vaping, other tobacco products w26724
2/11/2020 The Hindu Study rates benefits of a post-lunch nap at work highly w26746 or summary
2/10/2020 The Times-Picayune Number of teachers of color growing in New Orleans, advocates say w25254
2/10/2020 The Daily Dot Who's afraid of a Twitter bot? w24631
2/10/2020 United Press International E-cigarette taxes may drive vape users to traditional smokes, study says w26724
2/10/2020 NBC News Job hunting after 50: How women can plot their 'comeback careers' w21669
2/7/2020 Forbes New Research Quantifies The Impact Of Extreme Heat On Learning w24639 or summary
2/7/2020 Fast Company Forget work-life balance, and focus on productivity. You'll have more free time c0441
2/7/2020 Vox Americans have fewer kids than they say they want. Alaska has a solution. w26712
2/7/2020 Business Insider NYU Professor Scott Galloway says the Iowa caucus is 'damaging and irrational,' and calls for the ... w13637
2/7/2020 Becker's Hospital Review The rural hospital closure crisis: 10 things to know w26182
2/6/2020 The Hindu Listening to the call of the informal w26661
2/6/2020 Healthcare Finance News Mortality rates higher in rural areas than in urban settings; three variables revealed w26182
2/5/2020 Inside Higher Ed Gender Gap in Grade-Change Requests w26703
2/5/2020 Jackson Hole Daily News & Guide Medicaid expansion is right for Wyoming, women w26081
2/5/2020 MarketWatch Speaking with a strong accent could mean you'll get paid less w26719
2/5/2020 Yahoo! Finance Trump touts stock market's record run, but who benefits? w24085 or summary
2/5/2020 The Mercury News President Trump touts stock market's record run, but who benefits? w24085 or summary
2/5/2020 The New York Times Trump Touts Stock Market's Record Run, but Who Benefits? w24085 or summary
2/4/2020 Hartford Courant First annual Black Doctors Day aims to inspire more black children to enter the medical field w24787 or summary
2/4/2020 A Study Reveals that Mortgage Lenders Sidestep Transparency Mandates by Offering Loans Just ... w26382
2/4/2020 The Washington Post Conspiracy theories about Iowa only help one campaign: Trump's w26382
2/3/2020 Kiplinger State Estate Taxes Not Dead Yet w26387 or summary
2/2/2020 San Diego Tribune Measure K could switch Oceanside elections to appointments w15643 or summary
2/2/2020 Business Insider/Markets 'It's very sad': A viral video uses slices of pie to show how $98 trillion of American wealth is actually ... w24085 or summary
2/2/2020 The Fayetteville Mary Griswold: North Carolina can't go green without natural gas w22454 or summary
2/2/2020 The Wall Street Journal New Jersey's Teflon Tax Abuse w26603
2/1/2020 Forbes Study: Most Consumers "Care Little" About Occupational Licenses, Prefer Online Reviews w26601 or summary
2/1/2020 Business Insider Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's plans to cancel student debt won't solve the real problem ... w21967
2/1/2020 New York Post The worst year of life is 47.2 - and I'm a living example of it w26641
2/1/2020 The Daily Beast Midlife Hits Us All. But It Hits Sex-Starved Singles Hardest w20794 & w26641
1/31/2020 WCBI (Columbus, MS) How $98 trillion of household wealth in America is distributed w24085 or summary
1/31/2020 Aol. Election season causes people to get sick, study finds w26697
1/30/2020 The Good Men Project How To Put Your Ego Aside and Let Yourself Be Led by Women Leaders w22877
1/30/2020 MarketWatch Opinion: More fuel for Tesla? Stock could join the S&P 500 by the end of the year w19290 or summary
1/30/2020 Benefits Canada Employees' parental leave has no effect on employer, colleagues: study w26622
1/30/2020 Forbes US Financial Regulators Have A Duty To Steer Us Away From Climate-induced Financial Collapse w26167
1/29/2020 InsideSources Corporate Welfare: Bipartisanship at Its Worst w26603
1/29/2020 Research Reveals Combat Troops are at Greater Risk for Opioid and Heroin Addiction w26264 or summary
1/29/2020 The Washington Post How to make sense of the job security enigma w26694
1/29/2020 WWNY-TV NerdWallet: Here's what bad financial advice costs you w24226 or summary
1/29/2020 Tideland News Commentary: Despite truce on trade war, US farmers are still hurt w26353 or summary & w26610
1/28/2020 The Telegraph (UK) It's official: elections are bad for your health w26697
1/28/2020 Modern Ghana If The Fundamentals Are Weak, The Exchange Rate Will Expose You? w13151
1/28/2020 Bankrate The Pink Tax: How women pay more for pink w19154
1/27/2020 Green Car Congress Researchers calculate social cost of German nuclear phase-out at $12B/year; 70% from increased ... w26598
1/27/2020 Inside Higher Ed Ethical College Admissions: Harvard's Preferences w26315 & w26456
1/27/2020 WAMU With Democrats In Control, Virginia Rushes To Increase Minimum Wage w25434
1/27/2020 Seeking Alpha Altria: Why The Next Decade Will Make Or Break The Company w22251
1/27/2020 Bustle Being Denied An Abortion Has A Devastating Financial Impact, A New Study Says w26662
1/26/2020 Express & Star Mark Andrews: The future's bright, the future's green w26641
1/25/2020 FOX 5 New York The positives and surprising negatives of early retirement w24609 or summary
1/25/2020 The Times Leader Voter ID bill gets favorable hearing w25522
1/25/2020 Kirksville Daily Express Pro-Con: Do we need voter ID laws? w25522
1/24/2020 This is Money Rolls-Royce aims to have at least ten 'mini nuclear reactors' that it can transport on lorries running ... w26598
1/24/2020 Insider Women are told to balance their ambition with motherhood. It's a losing battle. w24219
1/23/2020 MetalMiner US importers, consumers foot the bill for US tariffs w26610
1/23/2020 Burlington County Times Opinion: Russia thanks you for opposing voter ID w25522
1/23/2020 Scroll (India) What women in rural Madhya Pradesh want: Jobs with direct access to their wages w26294
1/23/2020 Economics21 The Real Cost of Doubling the Minimum Wage w12663 & w4509
1/23/2020 Wired Germany Rejected Nuclear Power-and Deadly Emissions Spiked w26598
1/23/2020 Yahoo! Finance Are Performance Reviews Sexist? New Research Says Yes w26345 or summary
1/23/2020 The Washington Free Beacon Father Confronts Warren on Free College: People Who Did the Right Thing Get Screwed w2642
1/23/2020 Money Are Performance Reviews Sexist? New Research Says Yes w26345 or summary
1/22/2020 Capital Public Radio California Wants To Increase Vaping Taxes, But Experts Say There Could Be Unintended ... w26589
1/22/2020 The Hill Trump's 'phase one' deal with China won't undo trade war damage w26610 & w26611
1/22/2020 NBC News "Why We Can't Sleep" explores what a midlife crisis looks like for Gen X women w26641
1/22/2020 The Moguldom Nation AI Could Be The New Play To Increase Black Homeownership w25943 or summary
1/21/2020 Inside Higher Ed Health Benefits From Community College Accessibility w26685
1/21/2020 Forbes Why Reducing The Refugee Cap Is Bad Finance w23498 or summary
1/21/2020 Financial Post William Watson: Listen to ALL the science! w26598
1/21/2020 Austin Business Journal For economy's sake, Texas shouldn't eschew refugees w23498 or summary
1/20/2020 The Hechinger Report The learning effect of air quality in classrooms w24639 or summary
1/20/2020 NewsLagoon I am heading to the happiness abyss w26641
1/20/2020 WCBI-TV Women denied abortions in financial distress years later, study finds w26662
1/20/2020 Forbes Immigrants Today: Not Much Different From The Past w26408 or summary
1/20/2020 Palo Alto Online Study: When it comes to polarization across the globe, America leads the way w26669 or summary
1/20/2020 The Wall Street Journal How Many Tariff Studies Are Enough? w26610 & w26611
1/19/2020 The Chronicle Herald JOHN DeMONT: Keep sadness at bay on bleakest days of year w26641
1/18/2020 Axios Axios Future w26622
1/17/2020 San Francisco Chronicle Trump's China trade deal won't give US consumers much of a break w26610
1/17/2020 San Francisco Chronicle Does Uber care about its black passengers? w22776 or summary
1/17/2020 IndiaSpend Women More Likely To Work If They Can Control Their Earnings: Study w26294
1/17/2020 WQAD Iowa Police keeping eye on Illinois border for recreational marijuana, as national trends point to ... w23426
1/17/2020 WDRB News Study: American women reach peak unhappiness in late 30s, men in early 50s w26641 & w26642
1/17/2020 CNBC Developing economies reliant on agriculture are more exposed to climate risks, McKinsey finds w26167
1/16/2020 Financial Standard Why women struggle in financial advice w17929
1/16/2020 Healthcare Dive: Healthcare and Health IT News Racial and ethnic disparities in care narrowed under ACA, Commonwealth Fund says w26081
1/16/2020 CNBC Your happiness is more likely to hit rock bottom at age 47.2-but there's an upside, says new ... w26641 & w26642
1/16/2020 Market Watch This portfolio hedge against volatile US-Iran tensions is better than gold w18706
1/16/2020 The Denver Post Kafer: "Get on Your Feet" bill unfair to majority of Coloradans w17827
1/15/2020 The Wall Street Journal Shrinking Influence of Central Banks Ends Decades of Business as Usual Browse the Business Cycle Data
1/15/2020 Financial Times The fallacy behind the rise of passive fund management w25914
1/15/2020 Inside Higher Ed Nudging With Incentives w26649
1/15/2020 The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) The future of work is gray. Here’s how Community Colleges of Spokane is dialing back the clock w25572
1/15/2020 The Wall Street Journal Notable & Quotable: Gregory Mankiw on Modern Monetary Theory w26650
1/15/2020 New Boston Post Rent Control Supporters Dominate Beacon Hill Hearing - But Opponents Say It Would Help Few ... w24181
1/15/2020 The Daily Memphian Shelby County's juvenile justice system limits our youth, our community w3875
1/15/2020 The New York Times Andrew Yang w25538
1/15/2020 The Spokesman-Review Study: Over the hill is the peak of unhappiness w26641
1/15/2020 USA Today Americans won't get a total reprieve after China trade deal as effects of lost factory jobs, pricier ... w26610
1/15/2020 Independent Women's Forum Vaping and Taxation w26589
1/15/2020 Regina Leader-Post Forty-seven is the saddest age of all, study finds: 'There is an unhappiness curve' w26641
1/15/2020 The Independent Peak of midlife unhappiness occurs at 47, economist claims w26641
1/14/2020 Business Insider Wisconsin lost 10% of its dairy farmers in 2019, marking its biggest decline ever as Trump's trade ... w26610
1/14/2020 The Philadelphia Tribune Bethune revises blueprint with teaching model w25254
1/14/2020 MarketWatch This is what happens when employers can't ask job applicants about salary history w26627
1/14/2020 The Wall Street Journal Trump's Tax on Champagne Will Cost US Consumers w26610
1/14/2020 The New York Times Elizabeth Warren w23640 or summary
1/14/2020 ThinkAdvisor Does 'Old Boys' Club' Still Exist? w26530
1/14/2020 Yahoo! Finance The Unexpected Consequences Of Germany's Anti-Nuclear Push w26598
1/14/2020 LSE Business Review Time off social media may leave you less informed but happier w25514
1/13/2020 The value of occupational licensing dims in the online world w26601 or summary
1/13/2020 BloombergQuint Middle Age Misery Peaks at Age of 47.2, Economist Says w26641 & w26642
1/13/2020 Working Knowledge Do Private Equity Buyouts Get a Bad Rap? w26371 or summary
1/13/2020 Providence Journal Middle age misery peaks at age of 47.2, economist says w26641 & w26642
1/13/2020 Carlsbad Current-Argus Research sheds light on impacts, perceptions of raising teacher pay w24813
1/13/2020 Forbes Finally, US House Will Address Disastrous US Supreme Court Ruling On Age Discrimination w19216
1/13/2020 Washington Examiner Daily on Energy: Analysis of Northeast regional cap and trade program illustrates the jobs problem w26629
1/13/2020 Asia Times Risk appetite improves ahead of partial trade deal w26610
1/13/2020 Mirage News(Australia) Entering labor market in a recession increases mortality, Northwestern research suggests w26638
1/13/2020 New York Post This is when middle age really starts to suck: study w26641
1/12/2020 BloombergQuint Sunday Strategist: Why So Many Things Cost Exactly Zero w26485
1/11/2020 Orange County Register It's time to decriminalize sex work and focus on actual crimes w20281
1/11/2020 Forbes Costs Of Germany's Nuclear Phase Out Are Substantial, New Paper Finds. But There Is Little ... w26598
1/10/2020 CBS News Could raising the minimum wage prevent thousands of suicides? w25787
1/10/2020 Financial Times Curbing 'exorbitant tax privilege' is harder than it looks w24983
1/10/2020 US News & World Report Trump's Sick and Wealthy Trade Deficit w26610
1/10/2020 The Ladders New research finds people are selfishly motivated (even if they are unaware of it) w26595
1/10/2020 Independent US-China trade war backfires as domestic firms suffer w26610
1/10/2020 Fox Business Raising the minimum wage by $1 is linked to lower suicide rates, study says w25787
1/10/2020 Industry Herald24 Data shows Trump's tariffs are being paid by the American Consumers, not China w26610
1/9/2020 The Telegraph Why China is winning the trade war w26610
1/9/2020 Politico Study questions corporate tax giveaways w26603
1/9/2020 Wisconsin Examiner Occupational licenses: Consumer safeguard or job barrier? w25262
1/9/2020 Business Insider Americans have paid an extra $46 billion in tariffs since the start of the China trade war, according ... w26610
1/9/2020 Yahoo! Finance Confirmed: American businesses and consumers are paying 'approximately 100%' of Trump tariff ... w26610
1/9/2020 Star Tribune Of refugees and open doors: The context w23498 or summary
1/9/2020 The Day (New London, CT) Beware silly trade wars w26610
1/9/2020 Business Insider Singapore A recession slammed trucking last year - and experts predict that 2020 will bring more ... w26610
1/8/2020 The Augusta Chronicle Editorial: Would center really harm neighborhood? w25427
1/8/2020 The News & Observer Fact check: Here's what you need to know about NC voter ID and voter fraud w25522
1/8/2020 Grist The cost of Germany turning off nuclear power: Thousands of lives w26598
1/8/2020 AsiaOne Identifying kids with high IQ: An age-by-age guide for parents w12466
1/8/2020 NPR Raising The Minimum Wage By $1 May Prevent Thousands Of Suicides, Study Shows w25787
1/8/2020 Forbes Tariffs Are Having a Bigger Effect on US Manufacturing Than Initially Thought w26610
1/8/2020 New York Post No more Amazons: Study trashes corporate tax breaks to lure jobs w26603
1/8/2020 WFUV Raising The Minimum Wage By $1 May Prevent Thousands Of... w25787
1/7/2020 Forbes Age Discrimination Starts When An Employer Becomes Aware Of An Older Worker's Age w26623
1/7/2020 Xinhua News Agency US tariffs "almost entirely" paid by domestic firms, consumers: study w26610
1/7/2020 Xinhua News Agency US tariffs significantly dampened export growth: study w26611
1/7/2020 (Ireland) Irish firms fear Brexit even more than UK rivals w26609
1/7/2020 e27 Women self-promote way less than men. But why? w26345 or summary
1/7/2020 The Daily Express Varadkar crisis: Irish firms slash jobs and investment as they fear Brexit more than UK w26609
1/7/2020 The New York Times American Consumers, Not China, Are Paying for Trump’s Tariffs w26610
1/7/2020 Arkansas Times Yet another study concludes corporate welfare is a waste of taxpayer money w26603
1/7/2020 City Journal Let's Expand Affordable Housing in the 2020s w26573
1/7/2020 IndustryWeek US Pays Bulk of Tariff Costs as Levies Fail to Save Steel Jobs w26610
1/7/2020 The Fix Opioid Crisis in US Military Driven by Combat Exposure in the War on Terror, Research Finds w26264 or summary
1/6/2020 The New York Times What if a Vaping Tax Encouraged Cigarette Smoking? w26589
1/6/2020 Bloomberg Brexit Uncertainty Impact Extends Far Beyond UK Economy w26609
1/6/2020 Financial Times Was Germany right to ditch nuclear? w26598
1/6/2020 Bradenton Herald Investor column: The risk and rewards of using 401K loans for financial emergencies w21102 or summary
1/6/2020 The New Yorker The Equality Conundrum w26532
1/6/2020 The Washington Post Liz Weston: Here's what bad financial advice costs you w22853
1/6/2020 Bloomberg US Pays Bulk of Tariff Costs as Levies Fail to Save Steel Jobs w26610
1/6/2020 NPR On The Knife's Edge: Using Therapy To Address Violence Among Teens w21178 or summary
1/6/2020 Business Insider 'Approximately 100 percent' of tariff costs have fallen onto Americans, new research shows w26610
1/6/2020 The Washington Post Gun reality vs. gun fantasy in Virginia w18294
1/6/2020 WBIW Study: When it Comes to the NBA, an Athlete Getting Hot May be an Illusion w26510
1/6/2020 Education Dive State funding for higher ed edges up 5% in 2020 w25945
1/6/2020 The Register Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Turns out you're not alone - study shows some ... w26623
1/5/2020 WRAL NEWS in NC FAQ: Voter ID in North Carolina w25522
1/5/2020 Realty Biz News Study shows AI could boost minority homeownership rates w25943 or summary
1/3/2020 MarketWatch This state introduced an e-cigarette tax to deter people from vaping - but it had one unhealthy ... w26589
1/3/2020 The Wall Street Journal The Puzzling Economic Impact of Transformative Technologies w25148
1/2/2020 The Atlantic Why Opioids Are 'An Everything Problem' w26500 or summary
1/2/2020 Accounting Today Trump tax breaks seen doing 'zero' for home prices in poor areas w26587
1/1/2020 CBS News Vaping tax could deter adults from quitting cigarettes w26589
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