Orbis at NBER

The NBER collection of ORBIS data is available to NBER affiliated faculty who are members of the ORBIS group. For information contact Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan.

This page documents /home/data/orbis2. An earlier version of this data is documented at here. We will not be removing obsolete files in the interest of reproducibility. Testing with this version suggests that it is incomplete, and users should prefer the earlier version.

The data has been processed in several stages, all the intermediate stages are available but should not be required by users. If you do find you need one of the earlier stages, please consult with us first.

  1. Stage 1 - (not online, but available) .rar files as supplied by BvD.
  2. Stage 2 - /home/data/orbis2/*/txt .txt files expanded from Stage 1. Multipart stage 1 files are assembled into a single file.
  3. Stage 3 - /home/data/orbs2/world/*.dta .dta files imported from stage 2. A number of variables are dropped at this point.
  4. Stage 4 - /home/data/orbis2/bycnty/CC/* .dta files separated by country. A number of long string variables are dropped, as are all the "interim" files and financial files in Eurodollars. New files are added which merge industry class information to the financial files. The ownership files are supplimented with entity data. These new files are indicated by an "x" prefix.
  5. Stage 5 - /home/data/orbis2/bycnty/CC/*-panel.dta hindfgr.dta and hindgfrusd.dta are reduced by the elimination of duplicate and redundant records.

    If you need other formats or have questions about the conversion process, including concerns that information may have been lost, please contact Daniel Feenberg.

    Because these files are still quite large, we remind you that the Stata -use- statement can filter by variable and observation. So it isn't necessary to store any variables or observations you won't be using in your analysis.

    You may notice that many of the Orbis variables are long strings with few possible values, such as the name of a stock exchange (given 71 bytes) The Stata -encode- command can reduce those to 1 or 2 bytes quite easily.

    Agreement forms

    Documentation from BvD

    Local and other documentation


    Descriptive Data

    File Description Filename Comment
    Additional company info addinfo.dta
    All addresses addresses.dta
    Auditor current auditor.dta
    Bankers current bankers.dta
    Bankers previous bankpre.dta
    Bvd9 bvd9.dta
    BvD ID and Name bvdname.dta
    Contact infor contact.dta
    DMC current only dmccurr.dta very long lines (>100K)
    DMC previous dmcprev.dta very long lines (>100K)
    Identifiers identifiers.dta
    Industry classifications indclass.dta
    Legal info legal.dta
    Other_advisors advisors.dta
    Overviews overviews.dta
    StatusHistory status.dta
    Stock exchanges and indexes exchanges.dta
    Trade description trade.dta
    Industry Class Core indclass_core.dta Core industry Class

    Financials - Detailed cash flow and interim June text

    File Description Filename Comment
    Cash_flow_non_US-industries {x}cfnus.dta
    Cash_flow_non_US-industries-USD {x}cfnusindusd.dta
    Cash_flow_US-industries {x}cfusind.dta
    Cash_flow_US-industries-USD {x}cfusindusd.dta
    Detailed_format-industries {x}dfind.dta
    Detailed_format-industries-USD {x}dfindusd.dta

    Financials - Gobal format incl histo for industries June text

    File Description Filename Comment
    Banks Global financials and ratios {x}hbnkgfr.dta
    Banks Global financials and ratios USD {x}hbnkgfrusd.dta
    Industry Global Financials and ratios {x}hindgfr.dta
    Industry Global Financials and ratios USD {x}hindgfrusd.dta
    Industry Global Financials and ratios {x}hindgfr-panel.dta
    Industry Global Financials and ratios USD {x}hindgfrusd-panel.dta
    Insurances Global Financials and ratios {x}hinsgfr.dta
    Insurances Global Financials and ratios USD {x}hinsgfrusd.dta
    Key financials {x}keyfin.dta
    Key financials USD {x}keyfinusd.dta

    Ownership Histo June text

    File Description Filename Comment
    Entities entities.dta
    {x}links_20NN {x}ownlinksNN.dta NN runs from 07 to 19.
    {x}links_20NN {x}sublinksNN.dta

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