Index of /ssanbs

This is the Social Security Administration New Beneficiary Survey. The files

ssawag82.des      ICPSR Study Description        lrecl=80+2
ssawag82.raw      administrative data for survey respondents lrecl=132+2
ssawag82.cdb      codebook for ssawag82.raw      lrecl=89+2
ssanbs82.raw      survey data ascii file         lrecl=6202+2
ssanbs82.dct      documentation for ssanbs82.raw lrecl=90+2
nbforg91.raw      follow-up survey in ascii file lrecl=4838+2
nbfspo91.raw      follow-up on surviving spouses lrecl=4838+2
nbfadm91.raw      follow-up administrative data  lrecl=1612+2
nbfcod91.doc      Codebook for follow-up survey
nbfusr91.doc      User documentation for follow-up survey

Please note that nbforg91.raw is missing 6 records from the
original tape from SSA due to a bad block on the tape.

Each file has a 2 character line delimiter (carriage return and line feed)
so that DOS and Unix programs can deal with the data easily. For more 
information about reading files in this format, see the readme files
in /home/data/cps.