Index of /data/ARRA

This is Fedspending's dump of its copy of the Recovery database,
which was obtained from with data submitted for the period through
June 30, 2012, last updated on Sep 19, 2012 by the Recovery Board, 
and downloaded by Fedspending on Oct 9, 2012.

It has been modified by Fedspending to add certain data fields 
and to replace high-ASCII characters with low-ASCII ones.  There
are also two versions of the data, one with all quarters combined,
and one with each quarter searcheable by itself.  Because projects
extend across more than one quarter, making a dataset with all
quarters in it is not as simple as just adding up the records from
each quarter.  The files not ending in _qtr have the version of the data
with all quarters combined, in order to reduce confusion.  The 
quarter-by-quarter data is represented in the database schema and
data field notes by tables ending in "_qtr".

1. The database tables can be created through rcv2012c_schema.sql
if you are using a relational database.  If not, this file will
still define the table, data field, and index structure.  Note
that this schema creates extra tables that haven't been dumped as
part of this set.

2. Data tables have been dumped into tab-delimited ASCII in
files ending in tsv.  All tables ending in "_cd" are code tables,
as described below.

3. Documentation on data fields is given in the file db_fields.txt,
a tab-delimited file with one line per database field.  Fields in this file

table_name: database table name
field_name: database field name
var_name: data field name as presented to users on RTK NET
field_type: data field type, for example varchar(25)
field_display: yn = Yes/No field.  If the contents of this field begin
with "code", it specifies that the data field is a code and can be interpreted
through a code table.  If a code specification contains "long", the code table
is a database table, and will have its own .fil file.  If it contains "short", 
then the codes and translations will be listed within the db_codes.fil file.
var_desc: a short description of the data field
first_year: the first reporting year in which the field is populated
last_year: the last reporting year in which the field is populated
blank_pct: a calculated percentage showing how often the field is blank

The file db_codes.fil contains "short" codes and translations as described

4. The file dump.txt contains the output of the SQL program used to dump
the data, which provides a record count of each data table as a check.

5. Additional information about the database can be found in Fedspending's
help pages.