The International Banking Library (IBL) is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It is hosted by the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) and associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of central banks worldwide. Resources provided by the IBL include information on current research, data sources or policy initiatives. These resources should encourage and facilitate research on cross-border banking.

The first major focus of the IBL is to present relevant contributions to the literature on international banking structured in five different categories: Determinants of Cross-Border Banking, Foreign Banks and Domestic Markets, The Transmission of Shocks via International Banks, Cross-Border Bank Regulation and Supervision, and International Banking Networks.

The second major focus of the IBL is to provide an overview of data sources to conduct research on cross-border banking. The IBL distinguishes between five categories: Data on Cross-Border Banking, Banks' Balance Sheets, Systemic Risk Indicators, Banking Supervision and Regulation, and Financial Indices. Within each category, one can find a dataset?s main features and links to access the data.

These resources are complemented by the description of the IWH-Latin American Banking Database, a bank-level data project including information on the structure of cross-border banking and foreign funding of Latin American banks.

Contributions can be send to bankinglibrary{@}