NBER's Mare-Winship Data

NBER's Mare-Winship Data -- 1964-1992


This page contains the NBER collection of Mare-Winship Data. The Mare-Winship Files are a (nearly) uniform subset of 168 variables from the Current Population Survey March Annual Demographic Supplement files. MWX.TXT is the documentation for the Mare-Winship Extracts. The original BLS/Census data and documentation is also available below. Information on weights, matching, missing data, and SAS source code for 1989-1992 are available below. Also, matching information and Stata .do files from NBER Working Paper t0247 by B. Madrian and L. J. Lefgren are available for March-to-March matches and can be modified for use in other matches. Technical Paper 63 contains more information about Design and Methodology.

File size: .Z files are 10-11 Mb; .zip files are 7-8 Mb. Uncompressed files are about 60 Mb.

Both ".Z" and ".zip" files can be uncompressed with winzip. In addition, ".Z" files can be uncompressed using the UNIX uncompress command and ".zip" files can be unzipped with uncompression software. To check ability to uncompress these files, download the small files compress.Z or compress.zip. These files give an example of how to read .Z and .zip ASCII files into SAS for UNIX without decompressing the files. To download files in Internet Explorer, right click on them and select "Save Target As...". If the pdf documents appear to be all blank pages, get the latest Acrobat Reader at www.abobe.com. Internal users can obtain the data from a UNIX shell at /homes/data/mare-winship or on an NBER PC via Network Neighborhood --> NBER --> home --> data --> mare-winship

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Mare-Winship Extracts Documentation

The Mare-Winship Extracts Documentation is MWX.TXT. The documentation for the data that the Mare-Winship extracts are based on is available below.

Data definition statement files

data@nber.org created the files below to read the data. The column locations will apply for all years. However, the variable labels apply only to the specified years. Each file has about 1,000 lines.

.do .dct
64_88.sas 64_88.sps 64_88.do cpsmw.dct
89_92.sas 89_92.sps 89_92.do


Original BLS Documentation
UNIX-Compressed Pkzippped
1964 cpsmw64.Z * cpsmw64.zip * cpsmar59-67.pdf
1965 cpsmw65.Z * cpsmw65.zip *
1966 cpsmw66.Z cpsmw66.zip
1967 cpsmw67.Z cpsmw67.zip
1968 cpsmw68.Z cpsmw68.zip cpsmar68-71.pdf
1969 cpsmw69.Z cpsmw69.zip
1970 cpsmw70.Z cpsmw70.zip
1971 cpsmw71.Z cpsmw71.zip
1972 cpsmw72.Z cpsmw72.zip cpsmar72.pdf
1973 cpsmw73.Z cpsmw73.zip cpsmar73-75.pdf
1974 cpsmw74.Z cpsmw74.zip
1975 cpsmw75.Z cpsmw75.zip
1976 cpsmw76.Z cpsmw76.zip cpsmar76.pdf
1977 cpsmw77.Z cpsmw77.zip cpsmar77.pdf
1978 cpsmw78.Z cpsmw78.zip cpsmar78.pdf
1979 cpsmw79.Z cpsmw79.zip cpsmar79.pdf
1980 cpsmw80.Z cpsmw80.zip cpsmar80.pdf
1981 cpsmw81.Z cpsmw81.zip cpsmar81.pdf
1982 cpsmw82.Z cpsmw82.zip cpsmar82.pdf
1983 cpsmw83.Z cpsmw83.zip cpsmar83.pdf
1984 cpsmw84.Z cpsmw84.zip cpsmar84.pdf
1985 cpsmw85.Z cpsmw85.zip cpsmar85.pdf
1986 cpsmw86.Z cpsmw86.zip cpsmar86.pdf
1987 cpsmw87.Z cpsmw87.zip cpsmar87.pdf
1988 cpsmw88.Z cpsmw88.zip cpsmar88.pdf
1989 cpsmw89.Z cpsmw89.zip cpsmar89_91.txt
1990 cpsmw90.Z cpsmw90.zip
1991 cpsmw91.Z cpsmw91.zip
1992 cpsmw92.Z cpsmw92.zip cpsmar92.pdf
* Note: According to the 1964-1965 original BLS documentation: "Records in Rotation Groups 4 and 8 were not in the March Income Sample* therefore they do not contain valid income data... and are coded '19' in the income range fields."

Information on Weights

mwwgt.sas mwwgt.log mwwgt.lst

Information on Matching Data and Missing Data

README.TXT match.sas IndMatch.sas

SAS code used to create the NBER Extension to the Mare-Winship Data

mwx.sas mwx89.log mwx89.lst
mwx90.log mwx90.lst
mwx91.log mwx91.lst
mwx92.log mwx92.lst

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