SIPP Data -- Reading Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Data, using SAS, SPSS, or Stata

The SAS, SPSS, and Stata files were created by at the NBER to make easier access to the Census' Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Data Files. Recent data files are also available at the Census and BLS Data Download page. Also, the Census has data extraction tools for some of the more recent files. Internal users can access the programs and data in a UNIX shell at /homes/data/sipp, or on an NBER PC at Network Neighborhood --> NBER --> home --> data --> sipp To download files in Internet Explorer, right click on them and select "Save Target As...". Each file has thousands of lines.

Updates and changes.

Survey of Income and Program Participation

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TM=Topical Module
TMR=Topical Module Research ( see the usernote regarding Research files )
FP=Full Panel/Longitudnal
PLC=Panel Longitudnal Core ( The 1996 Panel Longitudnal Core files are BLS cleaned and edited versions of the Core files. So use PLC files rather then Core files. They replace the Full Panel files created for earlier panel years ).
RT=Core (Rectangular) and Topical Module
IB=Information "Booklet" (1989-1991 file is 570 pages, 27Mb).
RW=Replicate Weight
orig=Some waves have multiple topical modules. BLS released each topic when it was ready as 'x', 'y', 'z' files. Later, BLS re-released the files in a single topical module file when all were ready.




Data Files
Data Definition Files






Full Panel
84_84IB 84fp.Z 84fp.ddf 84fp.sps 84fp.dct
19841Core 84w1.pdf 84w1.Z 84w1.ddf 84w1.sps 84w1.dct
19842Core 84w2.pdf 84w2.Z 84w2.ddf 84w2.sps 84w2.dct
19843RT 84rt3.pdf 84rt3.Z 84rt3.ddf 84rt3.sps 84rt3.dct
19844RT 84rt4.pdf 84rt4.Z 84rt4.ddf 84rt4.sps 84rt4.dct
19845RT 84rt5.pdf 84rt5.Z 84rt5.ddf 84rt5.sps 84rt5.dct
19846Core 84w6.pdf 84w6.Z 84w6.ddf 84w6.sps 84w6.dct
19847RT 84rt7.pdf 84rt7.Z 84rt7.ddf 84rt7.sps 84rt7.dct
19848RT 84rt8.pdf 84rt8.Z 84rt8.ddf 84rt8.sps 84rt8.dct
19849Core 84rt9.pdf 84w9.Z 84w9.ddf 84w9.sps 84w9.dct
Full Panel
85fp.pdf 85fp.Z 85fp.ddf 85fp.sps 85fp.dct
19851Core 85_86IB 85w1.dat.gz 85r1.ddf 85w1.sps 85w1.dct
19852Core 85w2.dat.gz 85w2.ddf 85w2.sps 85w2.dct
19853RT 85_t3.dat.gz 85t3.ddf 85rt3.sps 85rt3.dct
19854RT 85_t4.dat.gz 85t4.ddf 85rt4.sps 85rt4.dct
19855Core 85_r5.dat.gz 85r5.ddf 85w5.sps 85w5.dct
19856RT 85_r6.dat.gz 85r6.ddf 85rt6.sps 85rt6.dct
19857RT 85_t7.dat.gz 85rt7.ddf 85rt7.sps 85rt7.dct
19858Core 85_t8.dat.gz 85t8.ddf 85w8.sps 85w8.dct
Full Panel
86fp.pdf 86fp.Z 86fp.ddf 86fp.sps 86fp.dct
19861Core 85_86IB 86_w1.gz 86w1.ddf 86w1.sps 86w1.dct
19862RT 86_t2.gz 86t2.ddf 86rt2.sps 86rt2.dct
19863RT 86_t3.gz 86r3.ddf 86rt3.sps 86rt3.dct
19864RT 86_t4.gz 86t4.ddf 86rt4.sps 86rt4.dct
19865RT 86_t5.gz 86t5.ddf 86rt5.sps 86rt5.dct
19866RT 86_t6.gz 86t6.ddf 86rt6.sps 86rt6.dct
19867RT 86_t7.gz 86t7.ddf 86rt7.sps 86rt7.dct
Full Panel
87fp.pdf 87fp.Z 87fp.ddf 87fp.sps 87fp.dct
19871Core 87w1.pdf 87_r1.dat.gz 87w1.ddf 87w1.sps 87w1.dct
19872RT 87rt2.pdf 87_t2.dat.gz 87t2.ddf 87rt2.sps 87rt2.dct
19873RT 87rt3.pdf 87rt3.dat.gz 87t3.ddf 87rt3.sps 87rt3.dct
19874RT 87rt4.pdf 87_t4.dat.gz 87t4.ddf 87rt4.sps 87rt4.dct
19875RT 87rt5.pdf
87rt5e.pdf 87_t5.dat.gz 87t5.ddf 87rt5.sps 87rt5.dct
-- 87_t6.dat.gz 87t6.ddf 87rt6.sps 87rt6.dct
19877RT 87rt7.pdf 87_t7.dat.gz 87t7.ddf 87rt7.sps 87rt7.dct
Full Panel
87_89IB 88fp.gz 88fp.ddf 88fp.sps 88fp.dct
19881Core 88_r1.dat.gz 88w1.ddf 88w1.sps 88w1.dct
19882RT 88_t2.dat.gz 88t2.ddf 88rt2.sps 88rt2.dct
19883RT 88_t3.dat.gz 88rt3.ddf 88rt3.sps 88rt3.dct
19884RT 88_t4.gz 88t4.ddf 88rt4.sps 88rt4.dct
19885RT 88_t5.gz 88t5.ddf 88rt5.sps 88rt5.dct
19886RT 88_t6.gz 88t6.ddf 88rt6.sps 88rt6.dct
Full Panel
The Census Bureau did not produce a Full Panel file for 1989.
The last wave in the 1989 panel is Wave 3.
1989 wave 2 topical modules were never processed or released.
19891Core 89_w1.dat.gz 89w1.ddf 89w1.sps 89w1.dct
19892Core 89_w2.dat.gz 89w2.ddf 89w2.sps 89w2.dct
19893RT 89_t3.dat.gz 89t3.ddf 89rt3.sps 89rt3.dct
Revised Job ID
90_93jid 90jid.dat.gz 90jid.ddf 90jid.sps 90jid.dct
Type of Death Benefit
90_91db 90db.gz 90db.ddf 90db.sps 90db.dct
Full Panel
90fp 90fp.Z 90fp.ddf 90fp.sps 90fp.dct
19901Core 90_91IB 90w1.Z 90w1.ddf 90w1.sps 90w1.dct
19902Core 90w2.gz 90w2.ddf 90w2.sps 90w2.dct
19902TM 90t2.Z 90t2.ddf 90t2.sps 90t2.dct
19903Core 90w3.Z 90w3.ddf 90w3.sps 90w3.dct
19903TM 90t3.gz 90t3.ddf 90t3.sps 90t3.dct
19904Core 90w4.gz 90w4.ddf 90w4.sps 90w4.dct
19904TM 90t4.Z 90t4.ddf 90t4.sps 90t4.dct
19905Core 90w5.Z 90w5.ddf 90w5.sps 90w5.dct
19905TM 90t5.Z 90t5.ddf 90t5.sps 90t5.dct
19905TMR 90r5.Z 90r5.ddf 90r5.sps 90r5.dct
19906Core 90w6.Z 90w6.ddf 90w6.sps 90w6.dct
19906TM 90t6.Z 90t6.ddf 90t6.sps 90t6.dct
19907Core 90w7.Z 90w7.ddf 90w7.sps 90w7.dct
19907TM 90t7.Z 90t7.ddf 90t7.sps 90t7.dct
19908Core 90w8.Z 90w8.ddf 90w8.sps 90w8.dct
19908TM 90t8.Z 90t8.ddf 90t8.sps 90t8.dct
19908TMR 90r8.Z 90r8.ddf 90r8.sps 90r8.dct
Revised Job ID
90_93jid 91jid.Z 91jid.ddf 91jid.sps 91jid.dct
Type of Death Benefit
90_91db 91db.Z 91db.ddf 91db.sps 91db.dct
Full Panel
90_91IB 91fp.Z 91fp.ddf 91fp.sps 91fp.dct
19911Core 91w1.Z 91w1.ddf 91w1.sps 91w1.dct
19912Core 91w2.Z 91w2.ddf 91w2.sps 91w2.dct
19912TM 91t2.Z 91t2.ddf 91t2.sps 91t2.dct
19913Core 91w3.Z 91w3.ddf 91w3.sps 91w3.dct
19913TM 91t3.Z 91t3.ddf 91t3.sps 91t3.dct
19914Core 91w4.Z 91w4.ddf 91w4.sps 91w4.dct
19914TM 91t4.Z 91t4.ddf 91t4.sps 91t4.dct
19915Core 91w5.Z 91w5.ddf 91w5.sps 91w5.dct
19915TM 91t5.Z 91t5.ddf 91t5.sps 91t5.dct
19915TMR 91r5.Z 91r5.ddf 91r5.sps 91r5.dct
19916Core 91w6.Z 91w6.ddf 91w6.sps 91w6.dct
19916TM 91t6.Z 91t6.ddf 91t6.sps 91t6.dct
19917Core 91w7.Z 91w7.ddf 91w7.sps 91w7.dct
19917TM 91t7.Z 91t7.ddf 91t7.sps 91t7.dct
19918Core 91w8.Z 91w8.ddf 91w8.sps 91w8.dct
19918TM 91t8.Z 91t8.ddf 91t8.sps 91t8.dct
19918TMR 91r8.Z 91r8.ddf 91r8.sps 91r8.dct
Revised Job ID
90_93jid 92jid.Z 92jid.ddf 92jid.sps 92jid.dct
Full Panel
-- 92fp.Z 92fp.ddf 92fp.sps 92fp.dct
-- 92w1.Z 92w1.ddf 92w1.sps 92w1.dct
19921TM 92t1.Z 92t1.ddf 92t1.sps 92t1.dct
19922Core 92w2.Z 92w2.ddf 92w2.sps 92w2.dct
19922TM 92t2.Z 92t2.ddf 92t2.sps 92t2.dct
19923Core 92w3.Z 92w3.ddf 92w3.sps 92w3.dct
19923TM 92t3.Z 92t3.ddf 92t3.sps 92t3.dct
19924Core 92w4.Z 92w4.ddf 92w4.sps 92w4.dct
19924TM 92t4.Z 92t4.ddf 92t4.sps 92t4.dct
19925Core 92w5.Z 92w5.ddf 92w5.sps 92w5.dct
19925TM 92t5.Z 92t5.ddf 92t5.sps 92t5.dct
19925TMR 92r5.Z 92r5.ddf 92r5.sps 92r5.dct
19926Core 92w6.Z 92w6.ddf 92w6.sps 92w6.dct
19926TM 92t6.Z 92t6.ddf 92t6.sps 92t6.dct
19927Core 92w7.Z 92w7.ddf 92w7.sps 92w7.dct
19927TM 92t7.Z 92t7.ddf 92t7.sps 92t7.dct
19928Core 92w8.Z 92w8.ddf 92w8.sps 92w8.dct
19928TM 92t8.Z 92t8.ddf 92t8.sps 92t8.dct
19928TMR 92r8.Z 92r8.ddf 92r8.sps 92r8.dct
19929Core 92w9.Z 92w9.ddf 92w9.sps 92w9.dct
19929TM 92t9.Z 92t9.ddf 92t9.sps 92t9.dct
Revised Job ID
90_93jid 93jid.Z 93jid.ddf 93jid.sps 93jid.dct
Full Panel
93fp.pdf 93fp.Z 93fp.ddf 93fp.sps 93fp.dct
19931Core 93w1.pdf 93w1.Z 93w1.ddf 93w1.sps 93w1.dct
19931TM 93t1.pdf 93t1.Z 93t1.ddf 93t1.sps 93t1.dct
19932Core 93w2.pdf 93w2.Z 93w2.ddf 93w2.sps 93w2.dct
19932TM 93t2.pdf 93t2.Z 93t2.ddf 93t2.sps 93t2.dct
19933Core 93w3.pdf 93w3.Z 93w3.ddf 93w3.sps 93w3.dct
19933TM 93t3.pdf 93t3.Z 93t3.ddf 93t3.sps 93t3.dct
19934Core 93w4.pdf 93w4.Z 93w4.ddf 93w4.sps 93w4.dct
19934TM 93t4.pdf 93t4.Z 93t4.ddf 93t4.sps 93t4.dct
19935Core 93w5.pdf 93w5.Z 93w5.ddf 93w5.sps 93w5.dct
19935TM -- 93t5.Z 93t5.ddf 93t5.sps 93t5.dct
19935TMR -- 93r5.Z 93r5.ddf 93r5.sps 93r5.dct
19936Core 93w6.pdf 93w6.Z 93w6.ddf 93w6.sps 93w6.dct
19936TM 93t6.pdf 93t6.Z 93t6.ddf 93t6.sps 93t6.dct
19937Core 93w7.pdf 93w7.Z 93w4.ddf 93w7.sps 93w7.dct
19937TM 93t7.pdf 93t7.Z 93t7.ddf 93t7.sps 93t7.dct
19938Core 93w8.pdf 93w8.Z 93w8.ddf 93w8.sps 93w8.dct
19938TM -- 93t8.Z 93t8.ddf 93t8.sps 93t8.dct
19938TMR -- 93r8.Z 93r8.ddf 93r8.sps 93r8.dct
19939Core 93w9.pdf 93w9.Z 93w9.ddf 93w9.sps 93w9.dct
19939TM 93t9.pdf 93t9.Z 93t9.ddf 93t9.sps 93t9.dct
1993 is the last year the Census Bureau produced a full panel file.
The 1996 Panel Longitudnal Core files are cleaned, edited versions of the Core files. So, use the PLC files rather than the core files.
The BLS published a user note regarding the 1996 Panel Longitudinal Weight Adjustment Factor on October 14, 2005.
Longitudnal Weight 96lw.Z 96lw.ddf 96lw.sps 96lw.dct
Longitudnal Replicate Weight for Calendar Year 1996 cy1.Z lrw96.ddf cy1.sps cy1.dct
Longitudnal Replicate Weight for Calendar Year 1997 cy2.Z lrw96.ddf cy2.sps cy2.dct
Longitudnal Replicate Weight for Calendar Year 1998 cy3.Z lrw96.ddf cy3.sps cy3.dct
Longitudnal Replicate Weight for Calendar Year 1999 cy4.Z lrw96.ddf cy4.sps cy4.dct
Longitudnal Replicate Weight for All Panel Year pnl.Z lrw96.ddf pnl.sps pnl.dct
19961TM 96t1.pdf 96t1.Z 96t1.ddf 96t1.sps 96t1.dct
19961PLC 96l.pdf 96l1.Z 96l.ddf 96l1.sps 96l1.dct
         1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10       11       12
19961xTM -- 96w1x.Z 96t1x.ddf 96t1x.sps 96t1x.dct
19962TM 96t2.pdf 96t2.Z 96t2.ddf 96t2.sps 96t2.dct
19962PLC 96l.pdf 96l2.Z 96l.ddf 96l2.sps 96l2.dct
19963TM 96t3.pdf 96t3.Z 96t3.ddf 96t3.sps 96t3.dct
19963PLC 96l.pdf 96l3.Z 96l.ddf 96l3.sps 96l3.dct
19964TM 96t4.pdf 96t4.Z 96t4.ddf 96t4.sps 96t4.dct
19964PLC 96l.pdf 96l4.Z 96l.ddf 96l4.sps 96l4.dct
19965TM 96t5.pdf 96t5.Z 96t5.ddf 96t5.sps 96t5.dct
19965PLC 96l.pdf 96l5.Z 96l.ddf 96l5.sps 96l5.dct
19966TM 96t6.pdf 96t6.Z 96t6.ddf 96t6.sps 96t6.dct
19966PLC 96l.pdf 96l6.Z 96l.ddf 96l6.sps 96l6.dct
19967TM 96t7.pdf 96t7.Z 96t7.ddf 96t7.sps 96t7.dct
19967PLC 96l.pdf 96l7.Z 96l.ddf 96l7.sps 96l7.dct
19968TM 96t8.pdf 96t8.Z 96t8.ddf 96t8.sps 96t8.dct
19968PLC 96l.pdf 96l8.Z 96l.ddf 96l8.sps 96l8.dct
19969TM 96t9.pdf 96t9.Z 96t9.ddf 96t9.sps 96t9.dct
19969PLC 96l.pdf 96l9.Z 96l.ddf 96l9.sps 96l9.dct
199610TM 96t10.pdf 96t10.Z 96t10.ddf 96w10.sps 96t10.dct
199610PLC 96l.pdf 96l10.Z 96l.ddf 96l10.sps 96l10.dct
199611TM 96t11.pdf 96t11.Z 96t11.ddf 96t11.sps 96t11.dct
199611PLC 96l.pdf 96l11.Z 96l.ddf 96l11.sps 96l11.dct
199612TM 96t12.pdf 96t12.Z 96t12.ddf 96t12.sps 96t12.dct
199612PLC 96l.pdf 96l12.Z 96l.ddf 96l12.sps 96l12.dct
The 2001 longitudnal weight ( lw9 ) files were replaced per BLS update May 6, 2005.
Replace files if accessed prior to May 6, 2005.
Longitudnal Weight
-- 01lw9.Z 01lw9.ddf 01lw9.sps
20011Core 01w1.pdf
questionnaires 01w1.Z 01w1.ddf 01w1.sps 01w1.dct
20011TM 01t1.pdf 01t1.Z 01t1.ddf 01t1.sps 01t1.dct
20012Core 01w2.pdf 01w2.Z 01w2.ddf 01w2.sps 01w2.dct
20012TM 01t2.pdf 01t2.Z 01t2.ddf 01t2.sps 01t2.dct
20013Core 01w3.pdf 01w3.Z 01w3.ddf 01w3.sps 01w3.dct
20013TM 01t3.pdf 01t3.Z 01t3.ddf 01t3.sps 01t3.dct
20014Core 01w4.pdf 01w4.Z 01w4.ddf 01w4.sps 01w4.dct
20014TM 01t4.pdf 01t4.Z 01t4.ddf 01t4.sps 01t4.dct
20015Core 01w5.pdf 01w5.Z 01w5.ddf 01w5.sps 01w5.dct
20015TM 01t5.pdf 01t5.Z 01t5.ddf 01t5.sps 01t5.dct
5 TM occ codes
01occ.ddf 01occ.sps
20016Core 01w6.pdf 01w6.Z 01w6.ddf 01w6.sps 01w6.dct
20016TM 01t6.pdf 01t6.Z 01t6.ddf 01t6.sps 01t6.dct
20017Core 01w7.pdf 01w7.Z 01w7.ddf 01w7.sps 01w7.dct
20017TM 01t7.pdf 01t7.Z 01t7.ddf 01t7.sps 01t7.dct
20018Core 01w8.pdf 01w8.Z 01w8.ddf 01w8.sps 01w8.dct
20018TM 01t8.pdf 01t8.Z 01t8.ddf 01t8.sps 01t8.dct
20018xTM 01t8x.pdf 01t8x.Z 01t8x.ddf 01t8x.sps 01t8x.dct
20019Core 01w9.pdf 01w9.Z 01w9.ddf 01w9.sps 01w9.dct
20019TM 01t9.pdf 01t9.Z 01t9.ddf 01t9.sps 01t9.dct
Longitudnal Weight
-- 04lw12.Z 04lw12.ddf 04lw12.sps 04lw12.dct
01w1.pdf 04pw1.Z 04pw1.ddf 04pw1.sps 04pw1.dct
20041Core 04w1.pdf -- 04w1.ddf 04w1.sps 04w1.dct
20041Preliminary TM 04t1.pdf -- 04pt1.ddf 04pt1.sps 04pt1.dct
20041TM 04t1.pdf -- 04t1.ddf 04t1.sps 04t1.dct
20042Core 04w2.pdf -- 04w2.ddf 04w2.sps 04w2.dct
20042TM 04t2.pdf -- 04t2.ddf 04t2.sps 04t2.dct
The BLS releases files, and even single topics of topical module files, as soon as they are ready for release.
This means that a file that was fielded earlier may not be released until after the release of a file that was fielded later but finished preparation earlier.
This also means that if a topical module has multiple topics, the BLS may release the completed parts of the topical module as soon as they are ready rather than waiting for all topical modules fielded in the same month/wave to be completely processed.
These single topics of topical modules are named 'x', 'y', and 'z'.
When all the topics of a wave are completed, BLS re-releases a topical module file which includes all the topics for the topical module in a single file with just a plain, number. It is terrific that the BLS releases files as soon as they are ready rather than waiting.
20043Core 04w3.pdf -- 04w3.ddf 04w3.sps 04w3.dct
20043TM 04t3.pdf -- 04t3.ddf 04t3.sps 04t3.dct
20044Core 04w4.pdf -- 04w4.ddf 04w4.sps 04w4.dct
20044TM 04t4.pdf -- 04t4.ddf 04t4.sps 04t4.dct
20045Core 04w5.pdf -- 04w5.ddf 04w5.sps 04w5.dct
20045TM 04t5.pdf -- 04t5.ddf 04t5.sps 04t5.dct
20046Core 04w6.pdf -- 04w6.ddf 04w6.sps 04w6.dct
20046TM 04t6.pdf -- 04t6.ddf 04t6.sps 04t6.dct
20047Core 04w7.pdf -- 04w7.ddf 04w7.sps 04w7.dct
20047TM 04t7.pdf -- 04t7.ddf 04t7.sps 04t7.dct
20048Core 04w8.pdf -- 04w8.ddf 04w8.sps 04w8.dct
20048TM 04t8.pdf -- 04t8.ddf 04t8.sps 04t8.dct
20049Core 04w9.pdf -- 04w9.ddf 04w9.sps 04w9.dct
200410Core 04w10.pdf -- 04w10.ddf 04w10.sps 04w10.dct
200411Core 04w11.pdf -- 04w11.ddf 04w11.sps 04w11.dct
200412Core 04w12.pdf -- 04w12.ddf 04w12.sps 04w12.dct
Longitudnal Weight
-- -- 08lw16.ddf 08lw16.sps 08lw16.dct
20081Core 08w1.pdf -- 08w1.ddf 08w1.sps 08w1.dct
-- -- 08rw1.ddf 08rw1.sps 08rw1.dct
20081TM 08t1.pdf -- 08t1.ddf 08t1.sps 08t1.dct
20082Core 08w2.pdf -- 08w2.ddf 08w2.sps 08w2.dct
-- -- 08rw2.ddf 08rw2.sps 08rw2.dct
20082TM 08t2.pdf -- 08t2.ddf 08t2.sps 08t2.dct
20083Core 08w3.pdf -- 08w3.ddf 08w3.sps 08w3.dct
-- -- 08rw3.ddf 08rw3.sps 08rw3.dct
20083TM 08t3.pdf -- 08t3.ddf 08t3.sps 08t3.dct
20084Core 08w4.pdf -- 08w4.ddf 08w4.sps 08w4.dct
-- -- 08rw4.ddf 08rw4.sps 08rw4.dct
20084TM 08t4.pdf -- 08t4.ddf 08t4.sps 08t4.dct
20085Core 08w5.pdf -- 08w5.ddf 08w5.sps 08w5.dct
-- -- 08rw5.ddf 08rw5.sps 08rw5.dct
20085TM 08t5.pdf -- 08t5.ddf 08t5.sps 08t5.dct
20086Core 08w6.pdf -- 08w6.ddf 08w6.sps 08w6.dct
-- -- 08rw6.ddf 08rw6.sps 08rw6.dct
20086TM 08t6.pdf -- 08t6.ddf 08t6.sps 08t6.dct
20087Core 08w7.pdf -- 08w7.ddf 08w7.sps 08w7.dct
-- -- 08rw7.ddf 08rw7.sps 08rw7.dct
20087TM 08t7.pdf -- 08t7.ddf 08t7.sps 08t7.dct
20088Core 08w8.pdf -- 08w8.ddf 08w8.sps 08w8.dct
20088TM 08t8.pdf -- 08t8.ddf 08t8.sps 08t8.dct
-- -- 08rw8.ddf 08rw8.sps 08rw8.dct
20089Core 08w9.pdf
08w9.ddf 08w9.sps 08w9.dct
20089TM 08t9.pdf -- 08t9.ddf 08t9.sps 08t9.dct
-- -- 08rw9.ddf 08rw9.sps 08rw9.dct
200810Core 08w10.pdf -- 08w10.ddf 08w10.sps 08w10.dct
-- -- 08rw10.ddf 08rw10.sps 08rw10.dct
200810TM 08t10.pdf -- 08t10.ddf 08t10.sps 08t10.dct
200811Core 08w11.pdf -- 08w11.ddf 08w11.sps 08w11.dct
-- -- 08rw11.ddf 08rw11.sps 08rw11.dct
200811TM 08t11.pdf -- 08t11.ddf 08t11.sps 08t11.dct
200812Core 08w12.pdf -- 08w12.ddf 08w12.sps 08w12.dct
-- -- 08rw12.ddf 08rw12.sps 08rw12.dct
200813Core 08w13.pdf -- 08w13.ddf 08w13.sps 08w13.dct
-- -- 08rw13.ddf 08rw13.sps 08rw13.dct
200813TM 08t13.pdf -- 08t13.ddf 08t13.sps 08t13.dct
-- -- 08w14.ddf 08w14.sps 08w14.dct
-- -- 08rw14.ddf 08rw14.sps 08rw14.dct
-- -- 08w15.ddf 08w15.sps 08w15.dct
-- -- 08rw15.ddf 08rw15.sps 08rw15.dct
-- -- 08w16.ddf 08w16.sps 08w16.dct
-- -- 08rw16.ddf 08rw16.sps 08rw16.dct
-- --  xlsx   pdf
20141RW 14rw1.txt pdf txt
2014--SSA ssa.pdf -- pdf

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