Historical Cross-Country Technology Adoption (HCCTA) Dataset

Diego A. Comin
New York University
National Bureau of Economic Research
Bart Hobijin
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

This Historical Cross Country Technology Adoption Dataset is a dataset that was collected to allow for the analysis of the adoption patterns of some of the major technologies introduced in the past 250 years across the World's leading industrialized economies. The authors have made this dataset available for anyone to use and users should cite the following article:
Comin, D. and Hohijn B., "Cross-Country Technological Adoption: Making the Theories Face the Facts". Journal of Monetary Economics, January 2004, pp. 39-83.


HCCTA Data Excel Macro
(self-extracting, original)
comma-separated variables
hcctad.xls (2.4 Mb) hcctad.txt (1.6 Mb)

The data is provided in two forms:
The first is an excel spreadsheet which is setup with an inbuild macro that facilitates extraction of selected variables, years, and countries.
The second is a flat ascii file which is comma delimited. The 3-dimensional data of variables, year, and country is represented in 2-dimentions. Variables and years are in rows while countries in columns. The first line of this ascii file gives the labels of the layout.


The documentation is in a pdf format and can be downloaded hcctadhelp.pdf (249 Kb)


If you have any questions about the HCCTA dataset please contact:

Diego A. Comin
New York University
269 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10003
email: diego.comin@nyu.edu

Bart Hobijin
Domestic Research Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10045
email: bart.hobijn@ny.frb.org

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