NBER Historical Archives

NBER Historical Archives

The NBER Historical Archives are maintained by Claudia Goldin, Director of the Development of the American Economy Program. The late Robert Lipsey, former head of the NBER's New York City office, provided many of the documents. A complete list of the contents of the NBER Historical Archives is fully searchable by using this Finding Aid.

The NBER Historical Archives are retained at the Cambridge office (1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138). The entire Archives contain various documents (both hard copy and electronic) pertaining to the NBER's long history since its founding in 1920. Most of the materials concern the NBER's corporate history and its researchers although some pertain to particular publications. The vast publications of the NBER (books and working papers) are catalogued elsewhere on the NBER website. There is almost no primary source research data in the archives.

The NBER Historical Archives have been conveniently divided into the following categories:

Appendices to select NBER publications

Documents related to select working papers

Internal documents

Letters and correspondence


Specialized research topics

Work of various NBER figures and researchers

The NBER’s online resources related to the Historical Archives include:

- NBER Corporate Annual Reports

- Oral Histories of the NBER by Gary Becker, Richard Easterlin, Milton Friedman, Victor Fuchs, Robert Lipsey,
   Jacob Mincer, Anna Schwartz, and Victor Zarnowitz

- Tribute to Bob Fogel, Summer 2013

- Macro-history Database