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w27860 Victor Stango
Jonathan Zinman

Behavioral Biases are Temporally Stable
w27857 W. Bentley MacLeod
Victoria Valle Lara
Christian Zehnder

Worker Empowerment and Subjective Evaluation: On Building an Effective Conflict Culture
w27816 Brad C. Nathan
Ricardo Perez-Truglia
Alejandro Zentner

My Taxes are Too Darn High: Tax Protests as Revealed Preferences for Redistribution
w27813 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19
w27802 Ivan A. Canay
Magne Mogstad
Jack Mountjoy

On the Use of Outcome Tests for Detecting Bias in Decision Making
w27801 Daniel Ovando
Gary D. Libecap
Katherine D. Millage
Lennon Thomas

Coasean Approaches to Ending Overfishing: Bigeye Tuna Conservation in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
w27792 Krista J. Ruffini
Aaron Sojourner
Abigail K. Wozniak

Who's In and Who's Out under Workplace COVID Symptom Screening?
w27776 Samuel Bazzi
Martin Fiszbein
Mesay Gebresilasse

Rugged Individualism and Collective (In)action During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27750 Eric C. Edwards
Martin Fiszbein
Gary D. Libecap

Colonial Origins, Property Rights, and the Organization of Agricultural Production: the US Midwest and Argentine Pampas Compared
w27736 Danielle Li
Lindsey R. Raymond
Peter Bergman

Hiring as Exploration
w27713 Ozkan Eren
Naci H. Mocan

Judge Peer Effects in the Courthouse
w27710 Eleonora Broccardo
Oliver D. Hart
Luigi Zingales

Exit vs. Voice
w27665 Zhiguo He
Maggie Rong Hu
Zhenping Wang
Vincent Yao

Valuation of Long-Term Property Rights under Political Uncertainty
w27653 Zhuang Liu
Michael Sockin
Wei Xiong

Data Privacy and Temptation
w27650 Edward L. Glaeser
Ginger Zhe Jin
Benjamin T. Leyden
Michael Luca

Learning from Deregulation: The Asymmetric Impact of Lockdown and Reopening on Risky Behavior During COVID-19
w27649 Anthony Koschmann
Yi Qian

Latent Estimation of Piracy Quality and its Effect on Revenues and Distribution: The Case of Motion Pictures
w27641 Amir Kermani
Yueran Ma

Two Tales of Debt
w27619 Monica Deza
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Keisha T. Solomon

Local Access to Mental Healthcare and Crime
w27594 Stefano DellaVigna
Elizabeth Linos

RCTs to Scale: Comprehensive Evidence from Two Nudge Units
w27584 Abby E. Alpert
Sarah E. Dykstra
Mireille Jacobson

How Do Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Reduce Opioid Prescribing? The Role of Hassle Costs versus Information
w27579 Michael D. Frakes
Melissa F. Wasserman

Investing in Ex Ante Regulation: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Patent Examination
w27573 Mathias Kronlund
Veronika K. Pool
Clemens Sialm
Irina Stefanescu

Out of Sight No More? The Effect of Fee Disclosures on 401(k) Investment Allocations
w27568 Morris M. Kleiner
Ming Xu

Occupational Licensing and Labor Market Fluidity
w27563 Leila Agha
Soomi Kim
Danielle Li

Insurance Design and Pharmaceutical Innovation
w27544 Janet Currie
Hannes Schwandt

The Opioid Epidemic Was Not Caused by Economic Distress But by Factors that Could be More Rapidly Addressed
w27535 John A. List
Non est Disputandum de Generalizability? A Glimpse into The External Validity Trial
w27522 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Connor Redpath
Joseph J. Sabia

Risk Aversion, Offsetting Community Effects, and COVID-19: Evidence from an Indoor Political Rally
w27511 Benjamin Enke
Ricardo Rodríguez-Padilla
Florian Zimmermann

Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology
w27501 Bo Li
Jacopo Ponticelli

Going Bankrupt in China
w27463 Giovanni Facchini
Brian G. Knight
Cecilia Testa

The Franchise, Policing, and Race: Evidence from Arrests Data and the Voting Rights Act
w27450 Ian Burn
Patrick Button
Theodore F. Figinski
Joanne Song McLaughlin

Why Retirement, Social Security, and Age Discrimination Policies Need to Consider the Intersectional Experiences of Older Women
w27408 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia
Samuel Safford

Black Lives Matter Protests, Social Distancing, and COVID-19
w27362 Dylan Balla-Elliott
Zoë B. Cullen
Edward L. Glaeser
Michael Luca
Christopher T. Stanton

Business Reopening Decisions and Demand Forecasts During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27324 Tanaya Devi
Roland G. Fryer Jr

Policing the Police: The Impact of "Pattern-or-Practice" Investigations on Crime
w27322 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court Restart a COVID-19 Epidemic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
w27294 Emily E. Wiemers
Scott Abrahams
Marwa AlFakhri
V. Joseph Hotz
Robert F. Schoeni
Judith A. Seltzer

Disparities in Vulnerability to Severe Complications from COVID-19 in the United States
w27279 Resul Cesur
Joseph J. Sabia
Erdal Tekin

Post-9/11 War Deployments Increased Crime among Veterans
w27253 Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Lai Wei
Wensi Xie

Competition Laws and Corporate Innovation
w27240 Jason M. Lindo
Isaac D. Swensen
Glen R. Waddell

Persistent Effects of Violent Media Content
w27233 Patrick A. McLaughlin
Casey B. Mulligan

Three Myths about Federal Regulation
w27229 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia
Samuel Safford

Were Urban Cowboys Enough to Control COVID-19? Local Shelter-in-Place Orders and Coronavirus Case Growth
w27225 Bruce I. Carlin
Tarik Umar
Hanyi Yi

w27221 Viral V. Acharya
Raghuram Rajan
Jack Shim

When is Debt Odious? A Theory of Repression and Growth Traps
w27181 Joshua R. Bruce
John M. de Figueiredo

Innovation in the U.S. Government
w27138 Martin Andersen
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael F. Pesko
Kosali I. Simon

Effect of a Federal Paid Sick Leave Mandate on Working and Staying at Home: Evidence from Cellular Device Data
w27126 John Cawley
Alex M. Susskind
Barton Willage

Does Information Disclosure Improve Consumer Knowledge? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Restaurant Menu Calorie Labels
w27111 Ashesh Rambachan
Jon Kleinberg
Sendhil Mullainathan
Jens Ludwig

An Economic Approach to Regulating Algorithms
w27091 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

When Do Shelter-in-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Heterogeneity Across States and Adoption Time
w27068 Peter Arcidiacono
Josh Kinsler
Tyler Ransom

Asian American Discrimination in Harvard Admissions
w27058 Scott R. Baker
Stephen Teng Sun
Constantine Yannelis

Corporate Taxes and Retail Prices
w27054 Benjamin Hansen
Drew McNichols

Information and the Persistence of the Gender Wage Gap: Early Evidence from California's Salary History Ban
w27000 Hunt Allcott
Charlie Rafkin

Optimal Regulation of E-cigarettes: Theory and Evidence
w26992 Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia
Dhaval Dave

Did California's Shelter-in-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-Related Public Health Effects
w26989 Alexander W. Bartik
Marianne Bertrand
Zoë B. Cullen
Edward L. Glaeser
Michael Luca
Christopher T. Stanton

How Are Small Businesses Adjusting to COVID-19? Early Evidence from a Survey
w26980 Andy Yuan
Price V. Fishback

Rising Burdens of Proofs and The Grand Bargain of Workers' Compensation Laws
w26977 Dhaval M. Dave
Daniel L. Dench
Donald S. Kenkel
Alan D. Mathios
Hua Wang

News that Takes Your Breath Away: Risk Perceptions During an Outbreak of Vaping-related Lung Injuries
w26944 Charles Cameron
John M. de Figueiredo

Quitting in Protest: Presidential Policymaking and Civil Service Response
w26900 Guy Aridor
Yeon-Koo Che
Tobias Salz

The Economic Consequences of Data Privacy Regulation: Empirical Evidence from GDPR
w26896 Sara Markowitz
E. Kathleen Adams

The Effects of State Scope of Practice Laws on the Labor Supply of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
w26891 Andres Drenik
Simon Jäger
Miguel Pascuel Plotkin
Benjamin Schoefer

Paying Outsourced Labor: Direct Evidence from Linked Temp Agency-Worker-Client Data
w26885 Michela Giorcelli
Petra Moser

Copyright and Creativity. Evidence from Italian Opera During the Napoleonic Age
w26861 Patrick M. Kline
Christopher R. Walters

Reasonable Doubt: Experimental Detection of Job-Level Employment Discrimination
w26858 Chao Fu
Nicolás Grau
Jorge Rivera

Wandering Astray: Teenagers' Choices of Schooling and Crime
w26856 Charles W. Calomiris
Harry Mamaysky
Ruoke Yang

Measuring the Cost of Regulation: A Text-Based Approach
w26855 Antonio Coppola
Matteo Maggiori
Brent Neiman
Jesse Schreger

Redrawing the Map of Global Capital Flows: The Role of Cross-Border Financing and Tax Havens
w26840 John F. Helliwell
Haifang Huang
Shun Wang

Happiness and the Quality of Government
w26775 Michael Kremer
Jonathan D. Levin
Christopher M. Snyder

Advance Market Commitments: Insights from Theory and Experience
w26774 Mark Hoekstra
CarlyWill Sloan

Does Race Matter for Police Use of Force? Evidence from 911 Calls
w26739 Adair Morse
Karen Pence

Technological Innovation and Discrimination in Household Finance
w26637 Efraim Benmelech
Nitish Kumar
Raghuram Rajan

The Decline of Secured Debt
w26601 Chiara Farronato
Andrey Fradkin
Bradley Larsen
Erik Brynjolfsson

Consumer Protection in an Online World: An Analysis of Occupational Licensing
w26555 Dietmar Fehr
Johanna Mollerstrom
Ricardo Perez-Truglia

Your Place in the World: The Demand for National and Global Redistribution
w26543 Lucian A. Bebchuk
Scott Hirst

Index Funds and the Future of Corporate Governance: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
w26530 Zoë B. Cullen
Ricardo Perez-Truglia

The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap
w26519 Simon Jäger
Benjamin Schoefer
Jörg Heining

Labor in the Boardroom
w26512 Paolo M. Adajar
Ernst R. Berndt
Rena M. Conti

The Surprising Hybrid Pedigree of Measures of Diversity and Economic Concentration
w26456 Peter Arcidiacono
Josh Kinsler
Tyler Ransom

Recruit to Reject? Harvard and African American Applicants
w26436 Erica Myers
Steven L. Puller
Jeremy D. West

Effects of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Disclosure in Housing Markets
w26423 Huaizhi Chen
Lauren Cohen
Umit Gurun

Don't Take Their Word For It: The Misclassification of Bond Mutual Funds
w26400 Kevin Lang
Kaiwen Leong
Huailu Li
Haibo Xu

Lending to the Unbanked: Relational Contracting with Loan Sharks
w26395 Matthew J. Neidell
Shinsuke Uchida
Marcella Veronesi

Be Cautious with the Precautionary Principle: Evidence from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
w26383 Morris M. Kleiner
Evan J. Soltas

A Welfare Analysis of Occupational Licensing in U.S. States
w26316 Peter Arcidiacono
Josh Kinsler
Tyler Ransom

Legacy and Athlete Preferences at Harvard
w26315 Peter Arcidiacono
Josh Kinsler
Tyler Ransom

Divergent: The Time Path of Legacy and Athlete Admissions at Harvard
w26305 Alberto Galasso
Hong Luo

Risk-Mitigating Technologies: the Case of Radiation Diagnostic Devices
w26296 Daron Acemoglu
Ali Makhdoumi
Azarakhsh Malekian
Asuman Ozdaglar

Too Much Data: Prices and Inefficiencies in Data Markets
w26291 Matthias Breuer
Christian Leuz
Steven Vanhaverbeke

Mandated Financial Reporting and Corporate Innovation
w26284 Fatih Guvenen
Gueorgui Kambourov
Burhanettin Kuruscu
Sergio Ocampo-Diaz
Daphne Chen

Use It or Lose It: Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation
w26257 Andrew Bacher-Hicks
Stephen B. Billings
David J. Deming

The School to Prison Pipeline: Long-Run Impacts of School Suspensions on Adult Crime
w26254 Tal Gross
Raymond Kluender
Feng Liu
Matthew J. Notowidigdo
Jialan Wang

The Economic Consequences of Bankruptcy Reform
w26245 David Frydlinger
Oliver D. Hart

Overcoming Contractual Incompleteness: The Role of Guiding Principles
w26238 Andrew Goodman-Bacon
Jamein P. Cunningham

Changes in Family Structure and Welfare Participation Since the 1960s: The Role of Legal Services
w26220 Steven Shavell
On the Redesign of Accident Liability for the World of Autonomous Vehicles
w26206 Mark Hoekstra
Vijetha Koppa

Strict Voter Identification Laws, Turnout, and Election Outcomes
w26187 Michael Luca
Deepak Malhotra
Christopher Poliquin

The Impact of Mass Shootings on Gun Policy
w26180 William Morrison
Dmitry Taubinsky

Rules of Thumb and Attention Elasticities: Evidence from Under- and Overreaction to Taxes
w26171 Lucian A. Bebchuk
Alon Brav
Wei Jiang
Thomas Keusch

Dancing With Activists
w26169 Hans B. Christensen
Luzi Hail
Christian Leuz

Adoption of CSR and Sustainability Reporting Standards: Economic Analysis and Review
w26110 Jeremy Burke
Julian Jamison
Dean Karlan
Kata Mihaly
Jonathan Zinman

Credit Building or Credit Crumbling? A Credit Builder Loan's Effects on Consumer Behavior, Credit Scores and Their Predictive Power
w26083 A. Mitchell Polinsky
Steven Shavell

Deterrence and the Adjustment of Sentences During Imprisonment
w26051 Aaron Chalfin
Benjamin Hansen
Rachel Ryley

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Crime Victimization
w26029 Michael Bailey
Patrick Farrell
Theresa Kuchler
Johannes Stroebel

Social Connectedness in Urban Areas
w26020 Joel Waldfogel
Dining Out as Cultural Trade
w25967 David Card
Stefano DellaVigna
Patricia Funk
Nagore Iriberri

Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral?
w25943 Robert Bartlett
Adair Morse
Richard Stanton
Nancy Wallace

Consumer-Lending Discrimination in the FinTech Era
w25918 Sylvain Chassang
Christian Zehnder

Secure Survey Design in Organizations: Theory and Experiments
w25914 Lucian A. Bebchuk
Scott Hirst

The Specter of the Giant Three
w25863 John J. Donohue
Steven D. Levitt

The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime over the Last Two Decades
w25861 Vivek Bhattacharya
Gaston Illanes
Manisha Padi

Fiduciary Duty and the Market for Financial Advice
w25855 Eric Budish
Robin S. Lee
John J. Shim

A Theory of Stock Exchange Competition and Innovation: Will the Market Fix the Market?
w25854 Jon Kleinberg
Sendhil Mullainathan

Simplicity Creates Inequity: Implications for Fairness, Stereotypes, and Interpretability
w25850 Patrick Button
Population Aging, Age Discrimination, and Age Discrimination Protections at the 50th Anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
w25849 Patrick Button
Brigham Walker

Employment Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Evidence from a Field Experiment
w25843 Michael Bailey
Drew M. Johnston
Theresa Kuchler
Johannes Stroebel
Arlene Wong

Peer Effects in Product Adoption
w25842 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Should We Tax Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? An Overview of Theory and Evidence
w25841 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Regressive Sin Taxes, With an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax
w25833 Richard T. Holden
Anup Malani

Can Blockchain Solve the Hold-up Problem in Contracts?
w25815 Alma Cohen
Moshe Hazan
Roberto Tallarita
David Weiss

The Politics of CEOs
w25810 Marco Di Maggio
Ankit Kalda
Vincent Yao

Second Chance: Life without Student Debt
w25793 Matthias Schlegl
Christoph Trebesch
Mark L.J. Wright

The Seniority Structure of Sovereign Debt
w25766 Alberto Ciancio
Camilo García-Jimeno

The Political Economy of Immigration Enforcement: Conflict and Cooperation under Federalism
w25718 Paul D. Adams
Stefan Hunt
Christopher Palmer
Redis Zaliauskas

Testing the Effectiveness of Consumer Financial Disclosure: Experimental Evidence from Savings Accounts
w25716 Christian Dippel
Michael Poyker

How Common are Electoral Cycles in Criminal Sentencing?
w25715 Christian Dippel
Michael Poyker

Do Private Prisons Affect Criminal Sentencing?
w25713 David S. Abrams
Ufuk Akcigit
Gokhan Oz
Jeremy G. Pearce

The Patent Troll: Benign Middleman or Stick-Up Artist?
w25601 Christian Dippel
Political Parties Do Matter in U.S. Cities ... For Their Unfunded Pensions
w25592 Lin William Cong
Zhiguo He
Jiasun Li

Decentralized Mining in Centralized Pools
w25555 Jenny Williams
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
Rosanna Smart

De Facto or De Jure? Ethnic Differences in Quit Responses to Legal Protections of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
w25548 Jon Kleinberg
Jens Ludwig
Sendhil Mullainathan
Cass R. Sunstein

Discrimination In The Age Of Algorithms
w25545 Daniel P. Gross
The Consequences of Invention Secrecy: Evidence from the USPTO Patent Secrecy Program in World War II
w25540 Victor Stango
Jonathan Zinman

We are all Behavioral, More or Less: Measuring and Using Consumer-level Behavioral Sufficient Statistics
w25530 Daniel Cerqueira
Danilo Santa Cruz Coelho
John J. Donohue
Marcelo Fernandes
Jony Arrais Pinto Jr.

A Panel-based Proxy for Gun Prevalence in the US
w25528 Brigham R. Frandsen
Lars J. Lefgren
Emily C. Leslie

Judging Judge Fixed Effects
w25503 Francesco Maria Esposito
Diego Focanti
Justine S. Hastings

Effects of Photo ID Laws on Registration and Turnout: Evidence from Rhode Island
w25501 Klenio Barbosa
Fernando V. Ferreira

Occupy Government: Democracy and the Dynamics of Personnel Decisions and Public Finances
w25419 Anthony Bald
Eric Chyn
Justine S. Hastings
Margarita Machelett

The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes

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