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w27827 Nick Obradovich
Ömer Özak
Ignacio Martín
Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín
Edmond Awad
Manuel Cebrián
Rubén Cuevas
Klaus Desmet
Iyad Rahwan
Ángel Cuevas

Expanding the Measurement of Culture with a Sample of Two Billion Humans
w27802 Ivan A. Canay
Magne Mogstad
Jack Mountjoy

On the Use of Outcome Tests for Detecting Bias in Decision Making
w27797 Steven J. Haider
Melvin Stephens Jr.

Correcting for Misclassified Binary Regressors Using Instrumental Variables
w27793 Andrin Pelican
Bryan S. Graham

An Optimal Test for Strategic Interaction in Social and Economic Network Formation between Heterogeneous Agents
w27771 Michele Lenza
Giorgio E. Primiceri

How to Estimate a VAR after March 2020
w27738 Ganesh Karapakula
James J. Heckman

Using a Satisficing Model of Experimenter Decision-Making to Guide Finite-Sample Inference for Compromised Experiments
w27736 Danielle Li
Lindsey R. Raymond
Peter Bergman

Hiring as Exploration
w27609 Clément de Chaisemartin
Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar

At What Level Should One Cluster Standard Errors in Paired Experiments, and in Stratified Experiments with Small Strata?
w27582 Dominic Webber
Richard P. Tonkin
Martin Shine

Using Tax Data to Better Capture Top Incomes in Official UK Income Inequality Statistics
w27556 Marco Stenborg Petterson
David G. Seim
Jesse M. Shapiro

Bounds on a Slope from Size Restrictions on Economic Shocks
w27546 Magne Mogstad
Alexander Torgovitsky
Christopher R. Walters

Policy Evaluation with Multiple Instrumental Variables
w27543 Bryan S. Graham
Geert Ridder
Petra M. Thiemann
Gema Zamarro

Teacher-to-Classroom Assignment and Student Achievement
w27528 Karl M. Aspelund
Michael C. Droste
James H. Stock
Christopher D. Walker

Identification and Estimation of Undetected COVID-19 Cases Using Testing Data from Iceland
w27374 Mohammad Akbarpour
Cody Cook
Aude Marzuoli
Simon Mongey
Abhishek Nagaraj
Matteo Saccarola
Pietro Tebaldi
Shoshana Vasserman
Hanbin Yang

Socioeconomic Network Heterogeneity and Pandemic Policy Response
w27368 Stéphane Bonhomme
Kerstin Holzheu
Thibaut Lamadon
Elena Manresa
Magne Mogstad
Bradley Setzler

How Much Should we Trust Estimates of Firm Effects and Worker Sorting?
w27350 Farid Farrokhi
Heitor S. Pellegrina

Global Trade and Margins of Productivity in Agriculture
w27293 Charles F. Manski
Aleksey Tetenov

Statistical Decision Properties of Imprecise Trials Assessing COVID-19 Drugs
w27265 Andrew Caplin
Daniel J. Martin

Framing, Information, and Welfare
w27226 Charles F. Manski
Bounding the Predictive Values of COVID-19 Antibody Tests
w27074 Agostino Capponi
Felix C. Corell
Joseph E. Stiglitz

Optimal Bailouts and the Doom Loop with a Financial Network
w27041 Joseph E. Stiglitz
Jungyoll Yun
Andrew Kosenko

Bilateral Information Disclosure in Adverse Selection Markets with Nonexclusive Competition
w27028 Ali Hortaçsu
Jiarui Liu
Timothy Schwieg

Estimating the Fraction of Unreported Infections in Epidemics with a Known Epicenter: an Application to COVID-19
w27023 Charles F. Manski
Francesca Molinari

Estimating the COVID-19 Infection Rate: Anatomy of an Inference Problem
w26861 Patrick M. Kline
Christopher R. Walters

Reasonable Doubt: Experimental Detection of Job-Level Employment Discrimination
w26849 Jason Abaluck
Giovanni Compiani

A Method to Estimate Discrete Choice Models that is Robust to Consumer Search
w26824 Isaiah Andrews
Jesse M. Shapiro

A Model of Scientific Communication
w26743 Benjamin M. Hébert
Michael Woodford

Neighborhood-Based Information Costs
w26631 Isaiah Andrews
Matthew Gentzkow
Jesse M. Shapiro

Transparency in Structural Research
w26596 Charles F. Manski
Econometrics For Decision Making: Building Foundations Sketched By Haavelmo And Wald
w26577 Bryan S. Graham
Network Data
w26562 Karthik Muralidharan
Mauricio Romero
Kaspar Wüthrich

Factorial Designs, Model Selection, and (Incorrect) Inference in Randomized Experiments
w26508 Johannes G. Jaspersen
Marc A. Ragin
Justin R. Sydnor

Predicting Insurance Demand from Risk Attitudes
w26398 H. Spencer Banzhaf
Yaqin Liu
Martin Smith
Frank Asche

Non-Parametric Tests of the Tragedy of the Commons
w26340 Antoine Arnoud
Fatih Guvenen
Tatjana Kleineberg

Benchmarking Global Optimizers
w26282 Clément de Chaisemartin
Luc Behaghel

Estimating the Effect of Treatments Allocated by Randomized Waiting Lists.
w26253 Aditya Aladangady
Shifrah Aron-Dine
Wendy Dunn
Laura Feiveson
Paul Lengermann
Claudia Sahm

From Transactions Data to Economic Statistics: Constructing Real-time, High-frequency, Geographic Measures of Consumer Spending
w26251 Joseph E. Stiglitz
Jungyoll Yun
Andrew Kosenko

Characterization, Existence, and Pareto Optimality in Markets with Asymmetric Information and Endogenous and Asymmetric Disclosures: Basic Analytics of Revisiting Rothschild-Stiglitz
w26250 Fiona Burlig
Louis Preonas
Matt Woerman

Panel Data and Experimental Design
w26244 Patrick Kline
Raffaele Saggio
Mikkel Sølvsten

Leave-out Estimation of Variance Components
w26174 Douglas L. Miller
Na’ama Shenhav
Michel Z. Grosz

Selection into Identification in Fixed Effects Models, with Application to Head Start
w26016 Matthew Backus
Sida Peng

On Testing Continuity and the Detection of Failures
w25926 Lourenço S. Paz
James E. West

Should We Trust Clustered Standard Errors? A Comparison with Randomization-Based Methods
w25823 Xavier D'Haultfoeuille
Arnaud Maurel
Xiaoyun Qiu
Yichong Zhang

Estimating Selection Models without Instrument with Stata
w25904 Clément de Chaisemartin
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille

Two-way Fixed Effects Estimators with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
w25888 James J. Heckman
Ganesh Karapakula

The Perry Preschoolers at Late Midlife: A Study in Design-Specific Inference
w25848 Omar Al-Ubaydli
John A. List
Dana Suskind

The Science of Using Science: Towards an Understanding of the Threats to Scaling Experiments
w25825 Ran Abramitzky
Leah Platt Boustan
Katherine Eriksson
James J. Feigenbaum
Santiago Pérez

Automated Linking of Historical Data
w25819 Jerry A. Hausman
Haoyang Liu
Ye Luo
Christopher Palmer

Errors in the Dependent Variable of Quantile Regression Models
w25818 Joseph Staudt
Yifang Wei
Lisa Singh
Shawn D. Klimek
J. Bradford Jensen
Andrew L. Baer

Automating Response Evaluation for Franchising Questions on the 2017 Economic Census
w25691 Magne Mogstad
Alexander Torgovitsky
Christopher R. Walters

The Causal Interpretation of Two-Stage Least Squares with Multiple Instrumental Variables
w25692 Pedro Bordalo
Katherine Coffman
Nicola Gennaioli
Frederik Schwerter
Andrei Shleifer

Memory and Representativeness
w25671 Amanda E. Kowalski
Counting Defiers
w25670 Amanda E. Kowalski
A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial
w25657 Sarah Tahamont
Zubin Jelveh
Aaron Chalfin
Shi Yan
Benjamin Hansen

Administrative Data Linking and Statistical Power Problems in Randomized Experiments
w25650 Pedro Bordalo
Nicola Gennaioli
Andrei Shleifer

Memory and Reference Prices: an Application to Rental Choice
w25593 Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Victor Chernozhukov
Francesca Molinari
Paul Schrimpf

Best Linear Approximations to Set Identified Functions: With an Application to the Gender Wage Gap
w25504 Charles F. Manski
Meta-Analysis for Medical Decisions
w25456 Isaiah Andrews
Toru Kitagawa
Adam McCloskey

Inference on Winners
w25451 Eszter Czibor
David Jimenez-Gomez
John A. List

The Dozen Things Experimental Economists Should Do (More of)

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