NBER Reporter: Summer 2004 Profiles

Summer 2004

NBER Profile: Ray C. Fair

Ray C. Fair

Ray C. Fair was elected to the NBER's Board of Directors last fall, representing Yale University. He has been a professor of economics at Yale's Cowles Foundation since 1979.

Fair has a B.A. from Fresno State College and a Ph.D. in economics from MIT. He was an assistant professor of economics at Princeton University from 1968-74. He then joined Yale's faculty as an associate professor, a title he held from 1974-9. He was also a visiting associate professor at MIT in 1977.

Fair's main research is in macroeconometrics, but he has also done work in the areas of finance, voting behavior, and aging in sports.

Fair lives in New Haven with his wife, Sharon Oster, who is also an economist. They have three children, at least one of whom is going into the family business. Fair is an avid runner and is desperately trying to get back on his aging regression line.

NBER Profile: Brian J. Hall

Brian J. Hall

Brian J. Hall is an NBER Research Associate in the Programs on Corporate Finance, Public Economics, and Labor Studies and a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Previously, he spent four years as an assistant professor of economics in Harvard University's Economics Department.

Hall received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in economics from Harvard and holds an M.Phil. in economics from Cambridge University. He was on the staff of the President's Council of Economic Advisers in 1990-1. Hall teaches and researches in the area of performance management, corporate governance, and organizational strategy, with a specialty in compensation and incentive design.

Hall's research has been published widely in a variety of academic and practitioner-oriented journals, including the American Economic Review, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and the Harvard Business Review. He is a member of the Global Corporate Governance Initiative at the Harvard Business School and consults or advises leading companies in the area of corporate governance, organizational strategy, and compensation-incentive design.

Hall lives in Belmont, MA, with his wife, Kay and their two sons, Joseph (10) and Roger (7). The Halls are huge sports fans, indulging annually and masochistically in the widespread hope that this is the year the Sox will reverse the curse. They also enjoy summer boating explorations on the New England coast.

NBER Profile: Thea M. Lee

Thea M. Lee

Thea M. Lee was elected to NBER's Board of Directors in September as the representative from the AFL-CIO. Ms. Lee is Chief International Economist in the Public Policy Department of the AFL-CIO, where she oversees research on international trade and investment policy. Previously, she worked as an international trade economist at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. and as an editor at Dollars & Sense magazine in Boston.

Ms. Lee received a Bachelors degree from Smith College and a Masters degree in economics from the University of Michigan. She is co- author of A Field Guide to the Global Economy, published by the New Press. Her research projects include reports on the North American Free Trade Agreement, on the impact of international trade on U.S. wage inequality, and on the domestic steel and textile industries. She has testified before several committees of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate on various trade topics.

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